July 28, 2014

Ant #273. Russian heart.

Argentinians told me many times that russians are kinda cold people.
I responsibly say that it's false!

Maybe we don't show our feelings to much on public, but when we are alone in a private place we are the hottest on Earth. We open up and give everything we have, all our love and passion. We know how to set up fire between two persons. In love, we are much more dedicated than anyone else. We can fight for love till the last breath. We never give up! 

We put the spiritual above the material. We know how hard is to find a true love and we always worship it.

Whoever reads this... If one day you find a russian partner, hug him and never let him go!

July 26, 2014

Ant #272. The greatest.

Can anybody explain me why all the crazy patriots say the same crap? I'm mostly talking about russian ones.
They say:
- We're getting up from knees!
- We'll fuck America!
- We'll show them all that we're the greatest and they must respect us!
- We rule the world!

And then I ask them... What for? For being the greatest? But it cannot be the aim itself. Like having a lot of money. Money is just a tool. You want money, for example, for buying something and living a rich life. The same here. You wanna be the greatest for... What for?

Why don't you concentrate on economy and social problems instead of looking for enemies?

July 11, 2014

Ant #271. Putin in Argentina.

En las próximas horas el Presidente de Rusia, Vladimir Putin, visitará Argentina. En la actualidad Rusia es uno de los más de 70 países que penalizan la diversidad sexual. En junio de 2013 la Duma (Parlamento Ruso) aprobó la denominada "Ley Federal contra la propaganda homosexual" que restringe gravemente la libre expresión de las orientaciones sexuales e identidades de género. Sumate a la Federación Argentina LGBT y digamosle juntas y juntos a Putin: nuestro amor NO es propaganda.

В ближайшие часы Президент России Владимир Путин посетит Аргентину. В настоящее время Россия - одна из более чем 70 стран, в которых преследуются различные сексуальные предпочтения, отличные от гетеросексуальных. В июне 2013 года Государственная Дума РФ приняла так называемый "Федеральный Закон против пропаганды нетрадиционных сексуальных отношений", который серьезно ограничивает свободное самовыражение людей разных сексуальных ориентаций и половой идентичности. Присоединяйся к Аргентинской Федерации ЛГБТ и давайте все вместе скажем Путину: наша любовь - это не пропаганда!

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Ant #270. Israel vs. Palestine.

I'm sorry, but I'm tired of this shit.
Last few days I was watching many people reposting pictures of killed people in Palestine. You can say that you cannot stand it when people die, and I totally agree. But before blaming Israel you must learn at least something about this conflict.

I have a niece and a few relatives who live there. I also have many friends there. Moreover, I've been there a few times. So may I say something? Thank you!

Have you ever heard about HAMAS organization and that they are not calm until Israel is destroyed?
Did you know that all the countries around Israel support Palestine in this war giving them weapons, food and other humanitarian assistance?
Did you know that meanwhile Palestine is making plans about destroying Israel, israeli government is giving them electricity, water, food, medicines etc FOR FREE?

Now about the war itself...
Past few days Palestine sent to Israel at least 250 bombs and rockets. And only because israeli army is one of the best armies in the world they could avoid victims. Anybody of you posted something about this? Or about people having 15 seconds to find a shelter? You don't know how it feels when your niece messages you that she's all right, she found a good shelter and sitting there along with other people and it seems like explosions are really close to the place she lives.

Then Israeli army looks for rocket installations on palestinian territory to destroy them. But the point is that Hamas terrorists make them on the roofs of hospitals or on the backyards of schools or inside living districts. Coz the only thing they want is that more their own people die so they can show them on TV and say how terrible Israel is.

But even though before israeli army starts shooting, they send a few planes which drop above Palestine information lists with time and places where Hamas will be attacked, so peaceful people could find a shelter. But they don't give a damn, they need pictures.

One man said... "If palestinians loved their children more than they hate israeli ones, this war would stop a long time ago."

There are lots of palestinian arabs living in Israel and not being killed, discriminated or whatever. They live a good life, they work, build families, go to the same places where jewish people go.

Hamas "protect" palestinians from "horrible" israeli army and palestinians die. But where no one protects them (in Israel), nobody dies. Isn't it strange?

Thanx for attention!