January 30, 2015

Ant #303. Perfect city.

I was born in a small city, but I love big cities.
Never understood how people can live in a countryside. It's so boring... )))

I loved living in Moscow, and I love living in Buenos Aires, even if it's not as big and modern as russian capital. So I thought what should the city where I live look like?! Previously I'd say it must be a capital city, but what's about San Paulo or New York? They aren't capitals but I could easily live there. Then I realized...

I can live in any city with:
1) Starbucks,
2) Subway/Metro/Underground system,
3) Madonna's concerts.

That's it! Very simple )))

January 24, 2015

Ant #302. Party hard.


We had to call to ambulance last night because one guy overdrank!
That's what I call a good party) LOL )))

P.S. I've been told "Brindo por y con tu leche!"
Those who speak spanish know that it's totally gross! Hahahahaaaa))))


January 15, 2015

Ant #301. The day it's all begun.

The night on 22nd of february of 2001.
I'm a 15-years-old boy watching a TV, changing channels...
"Boring... Boring... Boring... Oh, Grammy Music Awards. Never heard of it. Let's check it out..."
And in a few second... "Wow! Limousine! Wait, wait... Wait a second, I know the melody, I heard this song in a club [yes, I was clubbing since 11] las saturday. What was the singer's name? It was cool, I remember... MADONNA! Yeah!"

When the performance ended, I was like "Oh my f*cking god! This woman is amazing and damn hot!"

It was the very first time I saw her on stage. Before that I didn't even know how she looked like. In my home-town we didn't have any music channels.
The day it has all begun! The day when my life has changed forever!

So it was pretty exciting to know she's about to perform at Grammy's again, this year, on february 8th. Can't wait to see it! With no doubt it will be phenomenal!

January 13, 2015

Ant #300. Mountain top you cannot get.

I won't be doing retrospectives any longer as I did every 100th post.
Let's better talk about something more interesting.

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with one of my best friends. About love, of course.
She asked me how many times I've been refused in my life. I replied that just once. And she said that I shouldn't be worried about possibility to die alone. Well, yeah, maybe... But it made me think about another thing.

Imagine that you perfectly play chess and lost the championship in the final. Or you do yoga and can strike any pose except of the only one. Or maybe you're the best alpinist and the only mountain top you cannot get is Everest.

And then imagine that you play chess so-so, don't do yoga at all and the only time you were in mountains was in your high school with your teacher of geography.

Do you know what I mean?

I don't know how it feels to hear NO. I've got everyone I wanted... Well, almost...
I've been refused once, but I still cannot forget it. It follows me. And I guess that it's even worse than if it was kinda usual for me.

January 6, 2015

Ant #299. Fuck me, I'm 29.

This is the last year of my 20s. But I'm not sad at all. Moreover I'm happy! I don't get people who say that they miss their youths. I like growing up, I like becoming smarter, I like getting deeper. The youth is a horrible time. You're just an idiot with strange interests and bad company. Luckily this time is in the past! I'm looking forward to turn 30! ^_^

I don't know why but today I woke up with a weird thought in my head... I've never been told I'm beautiful. I mean a physical beauty. Of course during my life I had many people around me who were charmed by me and yes they told me I was beautiful, but it's not the same. People in general never told me that. And that's true! Let's be honest, I'm far from being handsome. I'm small, I'm a bit fat, I have a strange face with a big nose. As a teen I had so many problems with a taste, when I see my old pictures with these awful hairs and clothes I wanna die. What was I thinking about? And I was even fatter. 

But I've always had lots of admirers and I still have. I guess it's just because I'm cool ))))) People say I have a magical light inside and a devil in my eyes. I make people feel attracted to me even if it's not my intention. 

I could have dealt with this and live it up, but I have a huge desire to be sexy, adventurous, magnetizing and handsome. Maybe it's my biggest complex. Who knows... 

And I have many years ahead to try to fix it. I'm only 29!