May 30, 2012

Ant #92. Magic doesn't end.

I just cannot believe what's happening here on Holy Land.
These days are simply amazing. So many good vibes!

I've seen those my friends who I didn't see for a long time... Years in a few cases!
We all are super-excited about Madonna's MDNA Tour, which starts tomorrow.

And yesterday evening, before I went to the party, I received an email that I won the competition and I go to the very special zone (Golden Triangle). I was yelling like a girl! This is unbelievable!
All my friends are so happy for me! Thank you so much!

I cannot describe my feelings! It's a magic!

Madonna MDNA Tour, rehearsals

May 26, 2012

Ant #91. The beginning...

I'm so excited!
Yesterday I arrived to Israel specially to see the very first show of Madonna's MDNA Tour. It starts on may 31th.
After landing, me and my friends immediately went to the stadium to see what's happening there. There wasn't a rehearsal, but we could see a little piece of the stage.

My goodness, it's gonna be awesome!!!

May 22, 2012

Ant #90. Signs.

How many of you know what the pink triangle means?

* * *
I'd like to buy a t-shirt with one of my my favorite groups ever, with Gossip.

Gossip - "Man in love" t-shirt
"Man in love" is their song, one of my favorite as well.
"Gossip" on the back is a name of a group. Obviously, isn't it? )))

I think it's a little bit provocative. Of course, only for those who know what it means.
That's why I asked you in the beginning.
Interesting, how long will I stay in safety on the street? But actually I think that not so many people know the history good enough, so I hope I won't be posting from hospital ))))
Unfortunately, I live in a very wild intolerant country, that's why wearing this t-shirt is too risky.

So... Do you know what a pink triangle means? This sign was being used by fascists in their concentration camps for marking gays.


Take a look on their new video! I adore this song!

May 18, 2012

Ant #89. Hatred or forgiveness?

Today my friend asked me:
- It seems like you will meet your ex soon [on one big event]? What you gonna do?
I replied:
- I'm gonna hug, say "Hello" and ask "How are you doing?". Strange question actually. What are you expecting of me to do?
He said:
- Ignore!

Then he added that I gotta be more selfish and proud, because I am ignored and I must revenge.

Honestly I was completely frustrated with this conversation. I've been told these things by a person who is much older than me. This is so immature, low and meanly.
Breaking up is not a reason to hate anybody.
I'm grateful to destiny for everything!

Forgiveness is my choice!

May 16, 2012

Ant #88. Love online.

Yesterday my friend told me he has met someone on facebook a few weeks ago.
- My friend lives in US. This person is on other side of Earth.
- They have a huge age difference.
- They have never met face-to-face and it seems like they definitely won't meet till june 2013.
- They only share pictures and chat every day.

Wanna know what did he say? He said they love each other and it's serious!
They both changed their statuses on facebook from "single" to "in relationships" )))) Oh yeah, in this case it's really serious! XD

Well, I love my friend, but it's f*cking ridiculous!

How the hell can you say you love someone if you have never met this person?
Of course, you can like his/her photos, like what he/she says, you both can have a lot in common.
But damn it, I said "I love you!" only twice in my life.
I said it, looking in eyes, holding hands. I said it with all the seriousness and responsibility for my words.
Saying "I love you" via facebook chat is degrading the meaning of these words.

I believe you can find someone interesting on web, but to fall in love you have to meet him/her personally, talk to, know about this person's life more, try to be together.

What do you think, guys? Maybe I'm wrong and you know many examples of successful couples?

Love online

May 14, 2012

Ant #87. Two dads or two moms.

I've just seen this picture on web and million of thoughts have been born in my head.

First of all, I definitely support equal human rights and I support gay marriages. People cannot be judged or discriminated because of who they love.

But when we talk about children, it's not so unequivocal.
And I'm not talking about this kind of families where, for example, a woman has born a child, then she realized herself as a lesbian and found another woman. In this case there will be one problem less.
I'm talking about adoption.

Look at the picture! It's hard to disagree, right? After watching all the homeless kids at the streets who would say "He'll be better at the street than in gay-family!"??? I guess noone would say that.

But let's imagine how a child grows up in this kind of family.
Will he be despised at school? Definitely.
Will he be thinking his family isn't normal? Probably.
And finally, will he be thankful for this childhood? I don't have an answer.

For me this theme is very important, because I'm bisexual and I don't know yet will I have a child with my wife or will I need to adopt one with my partner?

Any ideas? All the comments are allowed, even bad or homophobic.

Ant #86. The world without borders.

Today I spent 2 hours to fill the visa application.
It has many pages with a big amount of questions.
If you do a mistake, you gotta take a new clean page and to start from the beginning.
And it's not the end! Then you gotta go to the proper embassy, stand a few hours in a huge queue, submit your application and pray!
That's driving me crazy!

I have to get visas almost every time I'm going abroad, it doesn't matter where I'm going. Well, maybe except of Venezuela and a few another world's asses.
And almost all my friends from different countries have to get visa to visit me as well. And to be honest, it's not so easy, because our government probably thinks that this f*cking country is a best place on Earth and everyone wants to stay here. DOH!

And I thought it could be great if there weren't any borders in the world!
Some of you would say that borders stop immigrants. But do they?
I think everyone who wants to change his place of living does it, and borders don't stop him. They only make difficulties for those who would like to travel more.
Also borderlines don't stop criminals. Who can say that in your place only immigrants commit crimes? People kill, steal and cheat because they are bad and uncivil, but not because of places where they were born.

In july I wait for my friend from US to come here. I hope he won't have problems in our embassy.

World without borders

May 12, 2012

Ant #85. Summer flirtation.

I love sunny days when all the tempters are getting out of their cellars like zombies. They come out and look for someone's brain to eat it. Wherever you go they follow you and try to infect your heart with the worst illness ever... with "love". Just one kiss and you're a zombie as well.
Funny times!

Run like hell )))

Last summer I had 5 people at the same time (+2 later) who would like to be with me. 3 girls and 4 boys. That was pretty awesome!!! But the fun began when they have known about each other. No no, I haven't had sex with them, but I can't stop flirting when I see someone likes me. I know it's bad and unfair, but I can do nothing with myself. )))

I'm gonna beat my own record this summer )

May 6, 2012

Ant #84. "Dios y un enamorado".

"Dios y un enamorado"

Una noche en mi cama
sin fe le pregunté a Dios:
"¿Puede un enamorado
entrar dos veces en el mismo río?

¿Por qué la luna en el cielo
no le permite elegir
y las estrellas siempre quieren
hacer su corazón sentir?

¿Y cómo un enamorado
debe vivir sin su amor,
llorar y sonreir al mismo tiempo
y olvidar los besos, su sabor?

¿Por qué esta tortura no termina?
¿Cómo salvar a un enamorado?
Mi Dios suspiró sinceramente
y no me dijo nada...


I wrote the first verse in my life.
I decided to write it in spanish, because to me it's a language of love.

Here is its translation:

One night in my bed
without faith I asked God:
"Can an enamoured man
enter twice at the same river?

Why don't the moon at the sky
let him choose
and starts always want
make his heart feel?

And how does an enamoured man
have to live without his love,
cry and smile at the same time
and forget kisses, their taste?

Why doesn't this torture end?
How to help this enamoured man?
My God sincerely sighed
and said nothing to me...


May 4, 2012

Ant #83. Flowers.

You'll always be a part of me,
What you love can never let you go.
You'll always be inside of me,
Like a flower you grow...

Today I've been in botanical garden. It's a magical place!
Flowers, trees, butterflies, birds, moms with their children... And the smell! Amazing smell of spring!

I wish to have my own home with windows on a garden. I would be going there every morning with a blanket, a cup of tea and my favorite book, laying down and reading it. And leaves would be falling down and covering pages of a book. And a pollen of flowers would be mixing up with a taste of tea. And ants would be running across my blanket.

It would be so nice!

I'm listening to the song now, that you barely have heard. It's called "Like a flower", but it's about love!

May 3, 2012

Ant #82. Sunny day.

It's so cool to say "F*ck off everything", to take your bag and to leave your office. 
Then you go to the city center, buy a cup of coffee or frappuccino in Starbucks, put your earphones in and turn up the volume.

I had an incredible unexpected day-off. The sun was so bright and warm! I was walking across the streets, listening to music and enjoying myself. I think I even was singing or I don't know how to explain all the glances on me. )))

Have you ever walked on the street with Madonna's "Ray Of Light" song in your ears?
Try this! "Quicker than a ray of light I'm flying!" Awesome!

Oh, I forgot! I had a headache the whole day! But anyway I was smiling! )

And you know what?

Sunny day = Happy day

May 2, 2012

Ant #81. Contemporary art.

Have I ever written something about it?
I guess, NO.

Well, usually I don't like it at all. Moreover I don't think it's an art. It's not about beauty, deep feelings, good emotions or positive vibes. All that artists wanna do is to create something nobody did before. And they don't care that noone except of them cannot understand their "art". So I don't see any point in it, whatever it is: pictures, architecture, books...

But yesterday I've changed my mind a little bit after visiting the "Double Perspective: the Contemporary art of Japan. Imagined world / Fantasies".
I never thought that the modern art can be so cute, touching, interesting and deep.

Take a look!