July 22, 2012

Ant #108. The second MDNA breath.

After coming back from Spain and Portugal, I'm packing my luggage and getting ready for the tour again. It will be even harder than on Iberian peninsula where I had 3 concerts in a row. This time I'll do 8 shows! Oooooh! Just 3 days to sort everything out!

So... Here is my whole schedule... Next stop is Paris.

★ May 31, Tel Aviv ★
★ June 20, Barcelona ★
★ June 21, Barcelona ★
★ June 24, Coimbra ★
★ July 26, Paris, Olympia Hall ★
★ July 29, Vienna ★
★ August 01, Warsaw ★
★ August 04, Kiev ★
★ August 07, Moscow ★
★ August 09, St. Petersburg ★
★ August 12, Helsinki ★
★ August 15, Oslo ★

God, give me a strength to survive!
And give me good luck to win all the contests again! ;-)

July 18, 2012

Ant #107. Parisian drama!

"Madonna definitely wants to kill me!"
That's what I thought at the morning.

I received an email from madonna.com saying that she added one extra show in Paris next week. She will perform at Olympia Hall on jul 26th.
READ BETWEEN LINES! She'll make a very special intimate concert for only 2700 hard-core fans!
And of course the email announced that a pre-sale of tickets starts NOW!

Aaaaaaah! I was about to kill myself!
It was one of the most stressful moments in my life!
I had to manage everything very quickly! Ticket, flights, accommodation. And the most important I had to find money to afford it.
I messaged my friend in Paris, asked him to let me stay in his home for 2 nights, coz hotels in Paris are extremely expensive. He said YES. Then I found good flight offers from my city to Paris and from Paris to Vienna (coz my next show in Austria). When I understood it was possible, I started waiting for a pre-sale (the worst pre-sale EVER). The web-site was crashing all the time, I was refreshing the page, but it was telling me to f*ck off!

During this time I was tweeting... 

OMG! 30 minutes to sales! YES or NOT?
Woooop! I've just received an email from ICON with a passcode! ^_^
olympiahall.com is crashed! ))))
It works, but there aren't tickets!

But thanx God, I've bought it!
Oh, b*tch! What are you doing to me? )))

July 16, 2012

Ant #106. Turn Up The Radio.

Last few days were the worst in my life, 
and only this video saved me...

When the world starts to get you down
And nothing seems to go your way
And the noise of a maddening crowd
Makes you feel like you're going to go insane

There's a glow of a distant light
Calling you to come outside
To feel the wind in your face and your skin
And it's here I begin my story

July 12, 2012

Ant #105. Awkward moment.

It was a boring evening... One of those evenings when you're sitting at home and doing nothing...
But the call destroyed my calmness.

- Hey. I'm in your city, in the bar right now with my friend, you know her. Wanna join us?
- Well, if you wanna see me... Yeah, why not... But I'll come there at least in 1 hour. OK?
- Sure. We'll be waiting for you!

We haven't seen each other since december, when we broke up. And now... I couldn't refuse to meet... But it was so hard... Hard to breath, hard to look, hard to say Hello.

We spent 1 or 2 hours together, then came to the metro and went home.
To say Good-Bye was even harder.

Ah, yeah, it was my ex.

July 10, 2012

Ant #104. M-Addiction.

Someone gotta call 911!

I've received my salary and... have bought another 1 ticket on Madonna's show. It will be the 11th one in her MDNA Tour that I'm gonna visit.
Now I'm officially insane!

The problem is I wasn't planning to add any other shows to my schedule, I thought 10 shows are enough. So all my flights were paid and hotels were booked. This extra show destroyed my plans.
I'm going to Vienna and Warsaw at the end of july and on aug 3rd I had to come back home. The added concert will be in Kiev, Ukraine, so I had to manage all the flights and accommodations. I bought the direct flights from Warsaw to Kiev and on aug 5th from Kiev to my home. Unfortunately, the flight from Warsaw to home is not refundable, so I lost some money. (((

In Kiev I'll stay in my friend's home, he also has bought a concert ticket for me (I sent him money).
This is it.

I'm writing this post and listening to Madonna's song...

Hold me like your money 
Tell me that you want me 
Spend your love on me 
Spend your love on me 
Love me like your money 
Spend it till there's nothing 
Spend your love on me 
Spend your love on me

Well, honey! I have already spent everything on you!

July 5, 2012

Ant #103. Cancel your subscription.

Yesterday I saw this picture on a facebook timeline of one of my friends.

This is what I always say!
I believe that love MUST bring you only positive vibes, good emotions, pleasure and happiness.
But if it brings you only pain and suffering, it's not love, it's a piece of sh*t!

So if you're not happy in your relationship, stop it, CANCEL THAT SUBSCRIPTION!

July 3, 2012

Ant #102. Desperately seeking a new music!

Any genre, any BPM, any age....

PLEASE! I need something!
I have to stop listening to MDNA only or I'll get crazy!

Share your advices in comments below.
XoXo ;-)

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (MDNA Tour)