September 24, 2012

Ant #120. Mom's b-day.

This is always a headache to me.

First of all, because I have to go to my home town. It's a kind of tradition. I live by my own in another city more than 6 years, but I never skip my mom's birthday. So she knows I'll come anyway.

Then, because I don't know what she wants. I mean a gift. She says she doesn't need anything. But it's a birthday, I have to buy something. When I was abroad for the last time (in Norway), I've bought Madonna's perfume for her ("Truth or Dare"), but it's too cheap for being a b-day gift. It's just a souvenir from my trip.

Truth or Dare by Madonna

DOH! 4 days till the flight, but I have no f*cking idea what to buy!


September 22, 2012

Ant #119. Learning the world!

Do you know that I'm addicted to discovering the world?!
This how I do it! ;-)

September 13, 2012

Ant #118. Hunger.

That's what I feel now. An emotional hunger.

Inside of me there is an ocean of unspent tenderness, passion and love. And I want somebody to drown in it. I wanna feel like I'm the one and the only. I need a beautiful killer that will shoot me straight in my heart.

I've been alone for too long and I'm afraid to forget how it feels to be loved. I hate myself for what I'll say now, but I'm tired of being lonely.
Yeah, it sounds pathetic, I know... But what can I do?!

September 8, 2012

Ant #117. Money.

Money... Money, money, money...
That's what I need right now!

After ending my summer trip, I feel so broken. Not because I'm tired or exhausted, but because I want more. I'm dying to go to South America on december, but now it seems absolutely impossible.

Here is my "To Do / Pay For" list:

1) Flight to my hometown, on sept/oct.
2) Birthday gift for my mom.
3) New shoes, jeans, a few other clothes.
4) Birthday gift for my bff.
5) Flight to South America and back on december.
6) A few local flights.
7) Hotels.
8) 4 tickets for Madonna's shows (it's a huuuge money).

And I'm not talking about food and my apartment rent.
Doh! Why is the world so unfair? WHYYYYYYY?


September 5, 2012

Ant #116. I'm afraid of people. VOL.2

In my previous post I told you about crazy guy annoying me and my friend.

Last night and this morning he surpassed himself.
He hacked my friend's account on facebook and stole some of her pictures from private albums. Then he sent me them with awful comments like "Look at this wh*re! How can you talk to her? She's disgusting!"
I said he's sick and did nothing.
Then he anonymously messaged her: "I talked to him and he told me he will never touch you again", what is completely a lie, coz we didn't even talk (I just don't wanna answer to him).
Then he sent me a message with cheap porn-movies words: "I'd like to see how you cum on her boobs and then I'll f*ck you!"
I ignored all this crap, but at the morning my email was full of his letters with many photos of him. Can you imagine what were these photos? On some of them he was horny (you know what I mean), on others he was dressed up in female stockings.


I'm so tired of him. Please, whoever you are, F*CK OFF!


September 3, 2012

Ant #115. I'm afraid of people.

Next to my stalker, I got another crazy man.

I met a girl. We're just friends now, but there is a sympathy between us. So who knows...
We don't talk to anybody about our relationship, but thanks to social networks it's obvious for other people.
Someone (not my stalker, I'm pretty sure) messaged her that he and I are a couple for a while, have sex and everything is serious and she must to f*ck off. He told her awful rude things, called her a wh*re.
She knows I'm bisexual and she got a good laugh at this anonym, but anyway it scares me. And I really have no idea who is he. The world is full of crazy people that don't have their own lives.

I don't know what to do. From one side I don't give a shit, but from other side who knows what these people are thinking about.