October 28, 2012

Ant #129. Gender play.

Today I received an email from my friend.
Before you read it, I wanna say that this my friend is straight.

So... Here is what he wrote.

Dude I think I'm going to go for male to female surgery hahaha. I want a big pair of tits and female hormones; but I want to keep my penis; I like my penis lol, and I'm also gonna be a lesbian pretty much since I'm usually attracted to girls in the first place. I really think I was born the wrong gender. Haven't told anyone yet lol.... Just feel fucking insecure and so ugly and worthless as a man and when I put on makeup and look feminine it feels so right.... I feel so good!

Cool, right? )))
I came back home (I spent last night not at home ^_^ ) and took a book that I've bought in a sex-shop in Amsterdam. It calls FETISH and it tells about some crazy stuff. )))

Page 36-37. GENDER PLAY.

A cross-dresser is someone who, while enjoying dressing as a member of the opposite sex, doesn't  necessarily mix it with any form of erotic association. Cross-dressing  has a long colorful history, from the gender confusion in Shakespearean comedies such as Twelfth Night and Comedy of Errors, to the true historical accounts of women who disguised their gender to take on masculine roles in the military. The berdache men in Native American culture dressed and played the role of females in society, even to the point of taking a husband. To associate cross-dressing exclusively with homosexuality is, however, an all too common mistake. Most male cross-dressers prefer to have female partners, but because of social constraints and taboos around men donning feminine attire, it remains relatively secretive.

Crazy, isn't it?
I never tried something like this, even if I'm not very straight. )))
Not because I'm against it, but because I never felt need to try it. I don't didn't even have a friend that practiced a cross-dressing. 
But now I think I'm gonna take a look on it. Maybe it feels good to open another side of your personality. Maybe it's a guilty pleasure. Or maybe it's just funny!

Anyway, I never wore high-hills )))

Ok, now seriously!
Anybody ever practiced a cross-dressing? Or knows people who practiced? 
I'm just interested in how they do that?!

Sh*t, I have a book full of perversions and I never tried even one. So this is another one reason to go to New York f*cking city. I need someone to share this experience, I cannot do it alone. )

Ooooph, I feel the heat )))

October 26, 2012

Ant #128. T.G.I.F.

Ok, guys!
I wanna talk about fridays.
I never understood all the excitement about this day.
No, seriously. Why friday? Why not saturday?

Listen... Friday is the last work day and people sometimes go to bars to drink something with friends and blah blah blah. So do I. But usually this day I'm very exhausted and 1 pinta of beer is more than enough to switch me off.
Well, ok, I'm joking, 2 pintas)))
Doesn't matter! )))

I wanna say that saturdays are much better for me!
I can sleep till 2 pm, do nothing the whole day, then go to the club and drink and dance and have fun not feeling tired or sleepy.


But for those who still love fridays, 

★ ★ ★ THANX GOD, IT'S FRIDAY! ★ ★ ★

October 24, 2012

Ant #127. Evil Dead (2013)

One of my favorite horrors ever will get a second life! Next year!

Evil Dead (2013), remake

If you're my friend, you probably heard these stories from me how I was deathly scared watching all 3 films of "Evil Dead" on VHS.
Yeah, in the beginning of 90s we didn't have DVDs. )))
I was 5 years old, when my girl next door gave me a cassete.
I asked my sister (6 yo) to watch it with me. Ooooh, it was a long night))))
Then I was watching it again and again, I couldn't stop, I loved it!

And yes, my parents had no idea about what was I watching )))

So...  This is a trailer! Enjoy!

October 23, 2012

Ant #126. Private life.

Every day somebody asks me about my relationship status.
This question always makes me furious!

It's not your f*cking business!

I'm not ashamed of my partner if I have one. I just don't understand why do I have to tell everyone if I'm taken?!
Some say: "I'd like to try to tempt you if you were single."
Kids, if you're interested in me only if I'm single, I'm not interested in you! I don't like cowards!
Others say: "I'm gonna fight for you, if you're taken."
So f*cking do that! Stop asking me your stupid questions!

I really don't like to discuss my private life with anybody, except of my partner of course.
If people know any couples, they like to give them advices. I don't need this sh*t.
They also like to "worry" about others, if they break up. Doh, you better worry about your stupid thoughts.
Or sometimes they hear rumours and immediately call other's partner to tell them their "truth". Pfffff.... Get a life!

Everytime you let people come into your private life, they destroy it!
This is the only truth!

Watch out!


October 22, 2012

Ant #125. Madonna MDNA Tour (full show)

I'm still very excited about Madonna's current tour.

Remember about my "depression"? It's gone!
My summer trip to be continued in december, as I said here with 4 more shows! )))

★ December 13, Buenos Aires ★
★ December 15, Buenos Aires ★ 
★ December 19, Santiago★ 
★ FINAL SHOW OF MDNA TOUR! December 22, Cordoba ★

This is just unbelievable!
But unfortunately there are almost 2 moths to wait!
That's why I wanna share this amazing spectacular show with you!

Pictures are made by "Moment Factory", a great team of genius people who created this wonderful stage.

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild (MDNA Tour)
Madonna - Revolver (MDNA Tour)
Madonna - Express Yourself (MDNA Tour)
Madonna - Vogue (MDNA Tour)
Madonna - Celebration (MDNA Tour)
★  ★  ★

★  ★  ★

October 16, 2012

Ant #124. Haters gonna hate.

Some say that I'm bad, that my misbehaviors are awful, that I talk to people in a rude manner, that I'm too selfish and snooty.

Well, if you think so, let it be the truth. I don't give a sh*t.

What I think of it is just I really don't care how many people love me. No, seriously. Do I need to be loved by everyone? I don't think so. All I wanna know is there is at least 1 person in the world who likes me for who I am. That's it.

I'm afraid of those who are ready for everything to make a good impression. They lie. They pretend to be what they're not. I don't trust people who cannot tell me "F*ck off, dude, I'm in a bad mood to talk!"

But most of all I hate people who always try to teach me, because they think they're better than me.
Doh! Are you f*cking serious? If I don't lick your ass, it doesn't mean I'm worse than you.

Maybe, sometimes I'm rude, but at least I'm honest. And I want people to be honest with me. If I have something to tell you, I say it. If I don't like what you do, I'm not gonna be tolerant, I'll tell you my opinion. You think I bully you? Honey, I just have balls to tell you that I don't take your sh*t anymore. If you don't wanna hear my words, I'll show you where is an exit.

And you know what? I'm good! ;-)

Haters gonna hate

October 12, 2012

Ant #123. When dreams come true...

The best way to live is to dream!
The best way to live brightly is to make dreams come true!

After 3 years I'm going to South America once again!

50 hours in the sky.
10's of friends.
5 cities.
4 MDNA shows.
2 new counties.

Ah, Buenos Aires! The city that I love the most!
It's so good to come back!
You make me feel so happy and free.
What will you bring me for this time? More parties? More fun? More "last-night troubles"? )))
Or maybe more love and feeling "special"?

Just "give me all your luvin'", Buenos Aires!
I wanna live dangerously! ;-)

Buenos Aires

October 10, 2012

Ant #122. Are you religious?

Seriously, how many of my friends are religious?
I'm not asking, do you believe in God/Allah/Buddha/anybody or anything else?
I'm asking, do you follow all the rules according to your religion? Do you go to churches/mosque? And what does it mean for you?

Today I've been told:
"When you tell atheist that God exists, he smiles. When you tell a religious man that God doesn't exist, he kills you."

I've been growing up with a sureness that religious people are the most pieceful in the world, because their religions teach them to love each other, not to kill, not to hate. And what can I see now? They can cut each other's necks. They judge on behalf of God.
But what is really pissing me off is that they complain about atheistic culture, because it insults their feelings.
But what if I say that YOUR religious stuff insults MY feelings? Maybe I don't like churches in a downtown? Maybe I hate watching you cross yourself on public?
But I would never tell you! I respect everyone's choice!

I really think that atheists follow the 10 commandments better and sincerer than religious people do.

This is my opinion.

P.S. Hey religious! Pray better! You have much more chances to go to the hell than me. XoXo

October 9, 2012

Ant #121. About nothing.

So long time with no post.
But I don't even know what to say.
No seriously, nothing happened.

I usually say that if I don't write anything, it means I'm doing fine. )))))

* * *
A couple of weeks ago I went to my home town. I always go there in the end of september, coz Oct 1st is mym mom birthday. I'm trying to be with her this day.
I gotta admit that this time my trip was kinda good, especially comparing to my previous visit of them. Noone f*cked with me, noone was teaching me, noone was trying to "help" me.
I spent an amazing weekend on a beach with my friends.

Black Sea

* * *
I've finally started the new trimestre in my institute of spanish. My professor (a girl from the south of Spain) is fine, but I expected more. My previous one was a "star", a cool guy from Valencia. Let's wait, maybe she gets better soon.

* * *
Last weekend my friend from Ukraine visited me. It was one of the coolest weekends in this year. Yeah, it's true. She's very kind, we spend a great time together. 2 nights in a row in the clubs, sightseeing, meeting our mutual friends. Everything was perfect. Even the bad weather couldn't ruine our mood.
I'm already missing her. Maybe I should go to Kiev...
We'll see...

* * *
And the most important!
I've managed my trip to Argentina on december.
It means that my MDNA tour didn't end like I thought 2 months ago. )))
I'll share all the details later!

Sincerelly yours, Just Me.

P.S. I have to see that amazing performance! This songs wasn't included into the tour before.