November 23, 2013

Ant #220. Wonderful wonderful life!

Me @ Puerto Madero (Buenos Aires)
Hi, guys!
Nothing to say except of I had a great day today!
If you think that something special happened, you're wrong! ;-P
But I had an amazing mood, I felt happy, walked to my fav Puerto Madero, drank frappe...
That's it!

I've been down for to long. It's time to change it!
I wanna smile to the world and I hope the world will smile to me!

Whoever reads it, I'm sending positive vibes to you!

Check out this song!
It's a wonderful wonderful life! ^_^

November 21, 2013

Ant #219. Martin Solveig.

Oooooooh, I like him since I heard his song "Madan" back in 2004.
And I was so happy when I knew that he was the opening act artist during Madonna's MDNA Tour.

And at one of the concerts I've visited I had a great moment with him!
He gave me his personal "Smash" head band! I wrote about it here.
He was so nice to me! ^_^

So why am I saying it?


And of course I have already bought a ticket!

But before going to his concert party I gotta learn the dance! Check it out! So f*cking funny! And he's wearing a russian t-shirt! XD

And here is the new song itself (the one from video)! It's so teethbreaking! BLOW!!!

November 20, 2013

Ant #218. I loved you...

A. S. Pushkin
* * *

I loved you, and I probably still do,
And for a while the feeling may remain...
But let my love no longer trouble you,
I do not wish to cause you any pain.
I loved you; and the hopelessness I knew,
The jealousy, the shyness - though in vain -
Made up a love so tender and so true
As may God grant you to be loved again.

*  *  *

This poem is written by the greatest russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin.

November 6, 2013

Ant #217. Hello from the past.

A few days ago I saw on my Facebook newsfeed that one of my russian friends is travelling across the South America and about to arrive to Buenos Aires.

As you can see, we are not very close friends. I know her thanks to Madonna's fan club and we met each other just a couple times on different parties, but I always considered her as a very smart, intelligent and beautiful girl.

She travels with her italian friend, so we had to speak english all the time for everybody could understand everything. Well, not a big deal! ;-)

We met in La Boca! Those who like tango definitely heard this name! The world capital of tango, the place where it was born and turned into an art!

We spent an amazing day, talked about everything! She didn't know that I moved here, so of course she wanted to know all the details! I also asked her about our mutual friends.

What a flash-back! Like I left Russia just yesterday! ^_^

November 2, 2013

Ant #216. Halloween.

Finally it's passed!
I so dislike this holiday. But even more I dislike all these hysterical things that mess with all this crap.

No, seriously! I like celebrations, but I like being myself, I don't wanna make costumes, make-up etc.
And every year some of my friends drive me crazy trying to push me to join Halloween parties.

This year wasn't an exception!
But I'm fine now! 356 days till the next hell!

Ant #215. Benjamin Vicuña.

Aaaaaaahhhhhh, Benjamin! <3
I just wanna leave these pictures here!
One of the sexiest men alive! ^_^