October 30, 2013

Ant #214. Half a year.

Oops, just found this in Drafts folder.

Probably I was about to write a "half-a-year-living-in-Argentina" post.
Aha, half a year, I came here on apr 22.

But what should I write about?
Everything I was dreaming about is destroyed.

Sorry, I'm not in the mood to write a great inspiring post!


October 29, 2013

Ant #213. Fun fact.

I went through the whole world to be with you, I did everything you wanted, I refused the idea to live in the place that I love coz you wanted me to live in Cordoba and after all this months I still love you with all my heart,


you keep considering me as a cold, selfish and arrogant person.

October 28, 2013

Ant #212. Just an idiot.

Leaving Cordoba in 30 mins. Leaving my last hope.

Why the hell did I come here? What was I expecting? 

He said his feelings were true, while my feelings ARE true. 

Seeing him was the worst torture in my life! Just imagine, guys, how it feels to see in front of you a person who you love with all your heart, more than your life, and not to have a possibility to kiss or hug or even touch him. 

He left me on the street and I burst in tears... Yeah, like a silly girl. 

I just wanted to look into his eyes to see if he still feels something to me and I didn't see anything. I don't even know now if he ever loved me. I still feel absolutely the same to him, but he's got cold. So damn quickly. 

He said "we broke up because we are too different". One of us must be an idiot. 

Good bye, Cordoba! See you... well, never. 

October 18, 2013

Ant #211. Carla Morrison.

This poster blew my mind when I saw it!

Carla Morrison, mexican singer, very tallented girl, is coming to my city!

She's not worldwide famous, but it only makes her more autentical, more inderpendent and more artistic.

I discovered her accidentely. There was a free song of her on iTunes, I downloaded it and loved it! Then I downloaded the whole album and found it amazingly good!

She sings spanish, and I used to hate all the spanish songs, but she has become and exception for me!

But I never thought that one day I'll see her life, coz I doubt she would ever come to Russia with a concert. But I'm not there anymore, I'm here, and I got a great opportunity to see my first spanish-singing "crash" ever! )))

So... I got a 1st row ticket! ;-)
Once the 1st row bitch, always the 1st row bitch! XD

Take a look on her video!
It's very nice!

Ant #210. No regrets!

Friend: Ok... Do you regret coming to Argentina?

Me: It's a difficult question. I could say "NO, I don't regret", but it wouldn't be the 100% truth.

Friend: I get it.

Me: I've always loved Argentina, escpecially BsAs, and I knew that one day I'll be living here, but I thought this dream will come true when I'll be 50-60 years old. Because all my family is still in Russia. I was thinking about moving to another country, but I was looking at Spain or UK, something close to my home, so I could see my family frequently. Now I'm here and it doesn't seem even possible to visit them, it's too expensive. That's it. And I'm not even talking about that I lost everything (my job with a good salary, my home in Moscow, my friends... everything...). I came here with my burning heart and it all ended so quickly... So how do you think I feel now?!

Friend: I can imagine... But how is your mindset now? Are you willing to stay?

Me: I feel like a paper boat in a river... The water is driving me somewhere but I don't know where exactly. I'm about to stay, but just because there's no sense to come back. The same crap, everything from the beginning. So I think I'm gonna try to build my new life here. I can come back any time, but I should try to stay.

Friend: Nice! I had no idea what you had been through... Please count on me for anything you need, I'll always do my best to help.

Me: Well, I'm a strong and very positive man, I had even worse times in my life. Not a big deal! ))) And thank you very much, I do really appreciate it!

October 7, 2013

Ant #209. Madonna by Madonna.

Madonna @ Harper's Bazzar
Finally I found a free time, sat down calmly, opened my laptop and read the interview that Madonna gave to Harper's Bazaar magazine.

I'm not gonna repeat what she said, you can read it here.

I just wanna say that it's not only one of her most sincere interviews, but also words confessions of a grown woman that went through a "filth" and found a wisdom, was a provocative girl with hairy armpits and became a mother of 4 beautiful children.

And now when she discovered the light she wants to share it with us. She says we must be daring ourselves. That's what she's been doing all these years, that's how she's got everything she has now.

Daring, challenging ourselves... Every day! Non-stop! So we can go ahead and make the world a better place for everyone: black, white, muslim, jew, gay, straight!
We must open our eyes and admit the truth: in our hatred, intolerance and disconnection we have gone too far and something must be done until it's too late.

Be a freedom fighter and never give up!

"If I can't be daring in my work or the way I live my life, then I don't really see the point of being on this planet."

"If you aren't willing to fight for what you believe in, then don't even enter the ring."

*  *  *

Read the full interview here.

October 2, 2013

Ant #208. Montevideo.

I can't believe it's happening!
Yes, I'm going to Uruguay!

Probably you don't know how many times I tried to visit this country, but the destiny was against me)))

In 2009, in november, I came to Argentina for the very first time, for 2 weeks. The plan was to see a couple of places here and then go to Montevideo. But the problem was that I needed visa. I went to the embassy of Uruguay 2 months before the trip and started the application. They promissed that it had to take 2 weeks, but at the departure day my visa still wasn't ready! So I canceled my plan to visit this country. Instead of this I went to Iguazu waterfalls! And it was awesome, to be honest!

In 2012, in december, I came to South America again to see Madonna's shows. The plan was to stay in Buenos Aires for 2 shows, then go to Santiago (Chile) for 1 show, come back to Argentina (to Cordoba) for the last show and then I supposed to have a few free days and I wanted to go to Montevideo. That time luckily I didn't need to get visa. But in Chile my credit card was stolen and I wasn't able to pay my trip to Uruguay. So I canceled my trip to Uruguay again.

Now, after 4 years, nothing can stop me! Well, only if our boat will drown in Rio de la Plata))))
But I'm sure it won't happen and my dream finally will come true!