April 30, 2015

Ant #315. Goodbye, life.

I saw many many times people post horrible stories about suicides of gays who were bullied.

Thought #1.

In the amount of people who suicide, how many of them were gays?
Try to understand me, every case of suicide is a terrible story that should never happen, but do we ever see in newspapers that someone suicides because he lost his job or lost his money, or because his wife cheated on him? No. So what does make gays special? I don't get it.
Some people are assholes and some people suicide. This is just an ugly truth of the life. Shit happens. That's why...

Thought #2.

It doesn't matter what was the cause of suicide, we shouldn't praise it. Suicide isn't a solution. It's for weak people. That's what we should say to anyone who ever thinks about it. Don't kill yourself! Fight! We're here to help you if you need, but don't give up! This should be a massage. But instead we have "Oh poor babe, he killed himself because he was treated badly by his horrible classmates." After reading this every teenager will think "Ah, so I have to kill myself to get some compassion."

Modern humanity exists many thousands years, and during all this time we were treating each other badly. We aren't able to change it, we will always be like this. So we have to deal with it. And instead of praying for the world peace (which will NEVER happen), we should grow balls and when they drag us in dirt, get up and keep going.


April 18, 2015

Ant #314. Ginger.

When I was a baby, I was ginger. My head hair was almost red and I had freckles all over my body!
But during my puberty my hair became blonde, even though my barber told my I had many many red pigment and when he dyed my hair, the color always left more red.
Now I almost don't have freckles on my face, but still there are lots on my hands and shoulders.

Personally I always hated them and wanted them to go, to disappear. But all of my friends and partners loved them, and this is what took me away from some radical methods ))))

Here they are, my lovely freckles! ^_^

Ant #313. Left - Right.

It's not about socks or driver license exam.
This time I wanna talk about serious and very important things to me...

A small pretty girl gave me a flyer. I took it. There was a logo of pro-government party. I gave it back. "No fucking way I vote for left-wing politicians."
I kept walking... and thinking that sometimes it's hard to stand people with opposite political views. Almost all of my friends in Russia (those who I chose, not those who I had in my school or university) are liberal, respect freedom and self-responsibility, believe in a power of market and think that everyone gets what he/she deserves. So do I! These views are usually called right-wing.

The problem is that since I moved to Argentina, which is absolutely socialistic country, I'm in minority. A very few people share my views. All the rest think that right-wing politicians equal to corrupted politicians. They call a fascist everyone who says he doesn't care of lazy people who never worked in their lives and have always lived for the money that the government gives them (taxpayers actually, not the government).

It's like a gulf between us. We'll never agree.

Oh, and I'd never date a socialist )))))

April 2, 2015

Ant #312. April Fools Day.

Every year I make the same joke about getting into relationship and every year the drama starts!
No details because I don't wanna shade anybody, but trust me I pissed myself with laughter at some people ))))))

I wanna say a big thanx to my dear friend Lu-Lu who had balls and wasn't ashamed to participate!

Here he is! 
My one day boyfriend! >>>

Follow him on Instagram!
He's very cute and such a sweetheart! <3 

And to all of you...
Happy April Fools Day! ;-)