March 25, 2013

Ant #163. French.

I always say that I think that french is the sexiest language in the whole world!
I'm gonna learn it in the future, but for now... I wish my partner could speak french! I would be horny all the time! ^_^ (Do you hear me, teddy bear?)

Ant #162. Reputation.

One of my friends asked me: "Hey, if u were single, would you like to date with me?"
I said: "No, sorry! I know how many partners you had in the past, I'm not gonna be the next one!"

He started explaining that it all was in the past and he has changed, but in my opinion acts speak louder than words and he already lost his reputation.

If you care about your public image, you must be looking into the future.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

March 23, 2013

Ant #161. Instituto Cervantes.

On thursday I entered their doors for the last time... Being a student, of course!
It was amazing 3,5 years!
Different professors, different classmates. 
Books, copybooks, movies, songs, conversations...

Now I passed the last exam. 
The highest level that exists in our institute.

So... I definitely need to go to Argentina!
No one's gonna stop me!

March 20, 2013

Ant #160. Pressure.

The worst feeling is when you have to do something, but you don't feel like doing this.
And I'm not talking about cleaning your room or walking a dog.
I mean situations when our friends, relatives, lovers expect something from you (or you think that they expect) and you cannot refuse, but it's against your nature or wishes.


March 19, 2013

Ant #159. Talking to God...

Everyone who knows me knows that I'm not religious.
But being an atheist doesn't mean that you cannot feel the energy of holy places.
On past week I felt it...

I was in Jerusalem with my friends. It was an amazing trip and I'm so happy they were with me.
After a long and full of impressions walk in old city we came to the Western Wall. It wasn't the first time when I came there, but unlike my previous visit this one was totally different.

I took a pen and a paper and started writing...

Hello, God.
How are you doing?
It's been more than 1 year since we met for the last time...

I didn't ask about money, career or houses and cars.
I told him that I have a dream, and it's not about me, it's about us. I just need some help to make it come true, to make me and another one person happy.

That's it...

The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

March 14, 2013

Ant #158. Cut or uncut?

Today has been a very strange day!
I went to the Dead Sea, swam a few times in very salty water and had lots of fun.
At 4 pm I had to go back home, so I grabbed my things and went to the locker room. I took all my clothes off and moved to the shower. That moment I first saw that a few men were looking at me... Actually at my "little friend". I found a free shower, switched on a water and turned away.
Then I washed myself, put the towel around my hips and came back to the locker room. Once again I got naked before wearing a dry clothes and once again I realized that guys were looking at me.
I had no idea why they were looking at me! Seriously! I thought that I had nothing special "there". I felt like extraterrestrial!
I looked at people around me and... BINGO!!! I was the only one "uncut" in the locker room! I swear, they all were cut!!!
I put my clothes on and left away...

In my country the majority of men is uncut, so I never felt strange/ despised or somehow else. But here it seems like they all are cut.
So guys... I got a question for you!
And what's your opinion)