August 27, 2012

Ant #114. Stalker.

I got one! The real stalker!!!
Haters are so irrelevant! I'm tired of them. But the stalker made my week! )))))))
This is what I call SUCCESS! )))

The 19 years old boy messages me every day. Anonymously! He describes how he would like to lick my body, tells me how sexy I am, asks me about sex in a bathroom/car, with a condom or raw.
But the most funny is he's not sure I'm straight/bi/gay, and I don't tell him )))

I make laugh))))
For example!

Q: I'd like to lick your body.
A: Eeeewww.

This is sooooo funny ))))

August 22, 2012


I wanna make a new short haircut, but I cannot decide which one.
All comments are allowed here or on facebook ;-)




Ant #112. Post-MDNA depression.

I never thought it will be so hard...

On august 15th I went to my last MDNA show and in 2 days I came back home.
Do I feel sad, waste, upset?
Is it bad?
NO, because I'm so grateful for everything I got this summer.
It was amazing, one of my best summers ever. So many impressions!!! Madonna, new places, planes, trains, hotels... I love it all so much!

But the most important is I met my old friends, my lovely wonderful priceless friends!
Thank you for who you are! You are the best!



August 18, 2012

Ant #111. How I met Madonna )))

Aug 6, 2012, Moscow.
Hard Candy Fitness opening.

I came to the place at 3 pm. There were tens of fans.

Soon we got "HCF" wristbands and prepared for Madonna, but too early.

Her manager Guy Oseary came to us just about 7 pm. He saw me, got closer and told me that she will come in a few minutes, but first she wanna look around and then she will come out to fans. He asked me to translate and tell other fans this information. He also told people arond me that I'm his representative in the crowd. Thank you, Guy O., I got a few more haters! )))))

Finally Madonna and Guy came out together, he pointed a finger at me, she recognized me, smiled and went directly to me! Not to anybody else, but TO ME!!!

This is the 1st Madonna's autograph in my life! )))

August 5, 2012


After an intimate show in Olympia (Paris), amazing show in Vienna and crazy show in Warsaw I finally arrived in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.
The weather was great, I met many friends and yesterday we came to Olympic Stadium at 6 am to stay in the queue. In many many hours the gates were openned and I entered the Golden Triangle. By the way, I was the first and I stood at the front row.

The magic began when Madonna saw my wristbands!
Here you can see the video when she was talking to me! We had loooots of fun )))

After the soundcheck she asked her asistant to give me her pick that she was using )))
This is it!

Then she left the stage, but for me it was only beginning!

When the show started, she was looking only at me!
At the end of "Turn Up The Radio" she took her mic and came to me! She gave me a chance to sing a song while she was looking into my eyes!

Then she was saying a speech and talked to me again! She asked how to say in ukranian "Thank you". I told her "Dyakuyu, but I'm russian"! She sayd this word and then looked into my eyes and said "Spasibo" (it's "thank you" in russian)!
I was so amazed!!!

But a couple of minutes before she gave me her mic again to sing "Open Your Heart" )))))
Just unbelievable!

But the greatest moment was during the "I'm A Sinner" song. She was playing a guitar and looking only into my eyes. I was screaming "I'm a sinner" and putting finger on me and she was like "Yeah, babe! You are!")))) Then I was screaming "you're a sinner" and putting my finger on her and she was so laughing )))))

Oh my goodness!
It was the time of my life! Crazy, cool, unforgetable! She gave me so many attention!
I'm on the 7th sky!!!