January 31, 2013

Ant #149. iPhone VS. Blackberry

Today I got Blackberry phone for free and tried to use it, but...

Blackberry f*cking SUCKS!!!

I don't understand how people can use it!
It looks like phones back to 90's, buttons, buttons, menues, menues, texts, texts... Visualization is awful! Siemens A35???

Facebook and Wwitter are so disgusting and uncomfortable for using.
No Skype, no good grafic editor, no gifboom and instagram (even if I don't use it), tumblr isn't free, no VK (russian biggest social network), no blogspot....
And I can continue!

The screen is tiny, touch-button (or whatever it is) always moves slowly or skip the whole screen.
Wi-Fi is extremely slow, while my network is up to 90MB/sec and all my devices run as fast as speed of light.

I'm done with this shit!
I'm coming back to my iPhone!


January 14, 2013

Ant #148. NYC.

Gosh, I cannot believe it.
3 years since I first thought I had to visit New York and I've finally booked the flight.
To say I'm excited is to say nothing! ^_^

New York
My flight is in 10 days and I'm going there just for a weekend, so I don't have a time for a bullsh*t!

Allright, New Yorkers, I need your advices!

Where to go?
What to see?
Which clubs to visit?
Madonna places?

Aaaaaarrrrgh! I cannot put thoughts together!

That's what my friend told me:
"Times Square..... Central Park..... The 9-11 memorial, .... some museums, there are many cool museums..... nightlife.... some clubs......"

Did he miss something else?

Ah, and accommodation!
Anybody knows some hotels (not hoStels) at Manhatten with a good prices?

And the last questions, New Yorkers!
Who wanna meet me?

Goooooooooshhhhhh!!!  ^_^

January 7, 2013

Ant #147. Miles away.

This post is about love... Long distance love.

Do you know what is it? Do you know how it feels?

Imagine that you met someone special, but you have a flight back home in a few days.
Sad, right? Painful, right?

When I go abroad, I usually switch on the "Snow Queen" mode. It helps me to stay safe. I lock my heart and go aboard of a plane. Especially when I go very far, I try to be friendly, but kinda cold. You know what I mean? I don't allow anybody to flirt with me, I refuse all the temptations.

That's what my rules are.

But my last trip to South America all my protection crashed.
I fell in love so badly!
I was resisting so desperately, but couldn't fight my feelings! So I gave up!
But anyway I had to return to my home.

So now we have 7-hours time difference, 13500 km distance between us and a huge bright sincere love!
Crazy, isn't it?

But I'm happy anyway!
It's better to know that there's someone special in the world that loves you, than to be alone.
Even if we cannot wake up together, my feelings give me a strenght to live, to move on with my life, to change everything for us, to destroy the borderlines, time, distances.
And my love only continues growing up, like a flower inside of me.

It hurts so much when you love someone and cannot even touch him/her, but trust me it hurts even more when your heart is an ice cube!

Thank YOU for melting my heart! I love YOU!

Long Distance Love
The song of my mood today...

January 6, 2013

Ant #146. Skiing.

New Year = New Activities!

This year I decided to go to mountains for skiing.
I never did it before!!!

I started from shopping. I went to sport store, and there was a disaster #1.
I thought I needed just a few goods, but at the end I bought: pants, jacket, slim thermal underwear, warm socks, gloves... And I had to buy much more, but didn't have more money )))

Disaster #2 was our hotel, but it's a long story, let's skip it. )))
Hmmmm... There was something good in it, I met an american couple there, great boy and girl!

My first day of skiing was a disaster #3. It was much harder than I was expecting!

But in the end I fell in love with montains!!!
And I think I'm gonna continue my trainings! ^_^

Caucasus Mountains

Ant #145. 2013.

Sorry for delay, I've been too busy.

So... I don't even know what to say.
Last New Year post (Ant #14) I was crying and complaining.
This year everything changed!

So before I say something about 2013, I'd like to take a look on 2012.
How was it?
It was crazy! I had lots of fun, I got amazing impressions with MDNA Tour, I traveled so many places, I met so many people. But the most important is that I reloaded my consciousness and found love!
I didn't become richer in material way, but I became much richer in emotional way! I've learned how to open my heart to people that are really worth it. I've learned how to find 1 real person in millions of fakes. I've learned how to see the real feelings only by putting my hand on a pulse.

So for 2013 I have a great dream!
I cannot tell you now about it, coz I want it to come true!

Instead of this I wanna wish you all a wonderful year, I wish that this year will give us what we deserve, I want us to follow our dreams and go ahead!

Forever yours,
Just Me.