March 31, 2015

Ant #311. Me, myself and I.

I've always been told by many people that when they see my photos they think there are a few different persons, and I think it's true coz I feel the same some times.

I don't know if it's because I'm loosing and gaining weight or because I'm changing my hair or because of anything else. It's just a fact!


March 14, 2015

Ant #310. Mentality.

I talked to one of my argentinian friends about the current situation here.
My point was that there are lots of things to change and the first one is the government.
He said that the new one won't help coz they will be as corrupted as previous one and added "it's in our mentality".

I don't believe in mentalities...

North Korea <-> South Korea
East Germany <-> West Germany (till 1990)
South Italy <-> North Italy

And many more example of absolutely the same people choosing different ways.
There's no mentality. There is an ignorance.

Ant #309. Rebel Heart Tour.


I know there's nothing new! The tour been announced like a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't have time to express my excitement about it. It's always the best time for me: travelings, meeting friends (old and new ones), seeing new places, queuing and of course watching the best show on Earth!

Nobody puts the show together like Madonna!

For the moment I have tickets for 7 shows:
1) Miami, USA.
2) New York, USA.
3) Cologne, Germany.
4) Prague, Czech Republic.
5) Berlin, Germany.
6) Stockholm, Sweden.
7) Herning, Denmark.

UPD: Two more shows:
8) 2nd show in Cologne, Germany,
9) 2nd show in Berlin, Germany.

UPD [2]: One more...
10) 2nd show in Prague, Czech Republic.

But obviously my own tour itinerary will expand )))))
I'm so damn excited!

For tickets and info click here: