February 28, 2013

Ant #157. Spring.

Spring is like a dawn!
The sun comes up after long night, after 3 months of cold and darkness.

Spring is like a refreshing breath!
It blows from the ocean and wakes me up. It smells a freedom.

Spring is like a happiness!
It's flawless, it's priceless, it's such a pleasure.

Spring is like a new day!
I feel a strength, I feel a desire to move on, to go ahead, to do something.

Spring is like a rainbow!
It's not black and white, it's colorful.

Spring is like a new life!
I open a new page in a book of my life. It's blank, I have a pen and ink and I'm ready to fill this page with a new story.

Spring is like YOU!
I love YOU!
* * *

February 27, 2013

Ant #156. Beauty or Brains?

Note: I'm not talking here about my preferences. 
I'm thinking about people in general!

What is more important actually?
Any thoughts?
Make an answer and keep it in your mind before reading my opinion.

Majority of women thinks they must be beautiful!
All the beauty industry works for women: hair, make-up, spa, surgeries, fashion etc.
Women go through the hell to look great!

Majority of men thinks they must be smart!
Universities, MBA, sciences.
They study, make careers, desperately seek for success!

And seriously, the evolution made women much more beautiful than men and men much smarter than women. Sorry, if I offend somebody, I'm not a sexist, it's just statistics.

I much more appreciate beauty in men and brains in women! ^_^

Beauty of brains
P.S. If you still wanna know my preferences, I prefer brains! ;-)

February 24, 2013

Ant #155. Les amours imaginaires.

Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats)
I've just watched "Les amours imaginaires"("Heartbeats") (2010), the story of two friends who both fall in love with the same man.

Actually I don't think they fell in love with him.
They both were looking for love, but found an asshole.
He played with their hearts, flirted, gave them hopes...
You know what is it... And he didn't give a shit about their feelings. He enjoyed his power. 

But this movie is not only about this one love-triangle.
It brings up questions about love, relationships, temptations and... bisexuality. As a parallel subject line, you can see a meeting of anonymous lovers, where different people tell their tragic (or not so) stories. All of them were hurted a lot by people in whom they fell in love.

But what really caught my attention in this movie is the way how its director (Xavier Dolan) shows a bisexuality, because I've been told by many friends of mine the same things. "Bisexuals only play with people, but actually don't love anybody!", "Bisexuals always change partners, they are sluts!", "Bisexuals adore to see people suffering!", "Bisexuals need more and more lovers, they love attention!"... That's what they usually say. That's what the movie says.

I think that people mix terms "bisexuality" and "assholeness", but they are not the same!
I know a totally straight guy that uses his hadsomeness to get money from rich men and he doesn't even kiss them, coz thinks it's disgusting. And I also know some bisexuals who found their partners and live together many years.

In my opinion, bisexuality doesn't mean that you fuck with everyone, it means that you find both genders sexually attractive, but you also can be with the only one person for the rest of your life! That's it!

Ant #154. Expectations.

I think there's nothing new that we all have many expectations...
Job, trips, shopping, exams... What else? Ahh, sure... Relationships!

And of course, I'm not gonna talk about trips or shopping!

I'm not sure if it's good or not to have expectations about your future or current relationships.
We all want our partners to be honest with us, to not cheat, to be soft and kind. All these things are obvious!

But what if we want too much?
For example, do you think it's ok to expect from your partner that he/she will be slim, come home after work immediately, make expensive gifts and watch the same movies?

Yes, you can wish whatever you want, but doesn't it seem impossible?
I'm afraid that if you wait for a perfect partner, you'll die lonely.

Besides, relationship is a thing that we do, it's a hard working, it's concessions, it's an accepting each other.
If you expect too much, you definitely will be disappointed.

February 20, 2013

Ant #153. Is it bad to be different?

A few days ago we started a game -> we choose a theme (related to us and our relationship) and discuss it.
We talked about friends, cheatings, controlling each other etc. The game to be continued...

I think it's very useful, coz when we finally live together, we won't be confused. It's like knowing each other being far away.

And of course we have looots of disagreements. SURPRISE!

➤ I'm not a "controlling" type of person, he is.
➤ I don't take a kiss as a cheating, he does.
➤ I hate if he has a friend who is in love with him, he doesn't see a problem if he doesn't cheat on me.

Not a big deal, right?

But yesterday I had an imprudence to tell him, that I don't like children. And it turned into another one quarrel. Maybe I shouldn't say it, but we promised each other to be honest. And this is my truth!
Of course, I'm ok with my friends's children as long as they don't play with me, don't break my phone, don't draw on my walls etc. Yes, I find them a lil bit noisy and annoying, but I can stand them. The point is I don't wanna have my own children.

He's absolutely in love with his nephew. OK, cool! I'm happy for him! But what should I do?

I'm not trying to change you, please don't try to change me!

Now seriously! Is it a real problem that we're different, that we have different points of view?
No, I cannot believe it! Especially after I proved how flexible I am in any question.

I love the fact that we're so different! I would kill myself if you were my clone!
Gosh! No f*cking way!!!

I love you for who you are, you're just perfect to me... Except of one little thing... Everytime we have a problem, you stop talking.
"Running away is not a solution!"

P.S. He doesn't like when I write my thought on twetter, even if they are completely unobviuos.

February 15, 2013

Ant #152. St. Valentine's Day.

Love Story
Ok guys! I hope everybody survived one of the most despised holidays )))

Seriously, I know so many people who hate the 14th of february, even I was one of those people.
But everything's changed since I met my babe! 

I'm really glad for those who were able to spend this day together with their "valentines". You're very lucky!

My "valentine" is 15000 km from me, but our love story has just begun. And I hope I'm sure that once we get together, every day will be St. Valentine's Day!

Sending the positive vibes to all my friends! We all need to believe in love! It's the most beautiful thing in the whole world!

To my T.B.: I wanna dedicate this next song to you!
But before you play it, I wanna remind you that "novio" and "amante" in english are the same word! This song isn't about "amantes"! XoXo

February 6, 2013

Ant #151. Through the thorns to the stars.

Nobody says that to love is easy.
Nobody says that there's no suffering.
Nobody says that there won't be problems.
Nobody says that there won't be misunderstandings.
Nobody says that YOU must be perfect.
Nobody says that I am perfect.

We all make mistakes, and it's not a cause to give up!
Nobody is perfect!

February 3, 2013

Ant #150. LGBT in Russia.

Let's imagine that you are an open gay/lesbian, living in Russia, you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you live together as a family, probably one of you has a child (own, not adopted).

Your DUTIES (kinda fair, I would say):
- you have to pay all the taxes and fees;
- if you're a boy (18-27 years old), you have to serve in army, no one gives a f*ck about your sexual orientation;
- you have to pay rents;
- you have the same rules of traffic regulation;
- you have to pay lots of insurances (medical, social, etc).

In other words you have to do all those things that all the society does.

But what's about RIGHTS?
- no marriages or officially recognized partnerships;
- if any tragedy happens to me and I'll be in coma, my boyfriend won't have a right to ask doctors to switch off my life support system;
- if I die, my boyfriend will need to adopt my child, but he definitely will be rejected, because in Russia single persons cannot adopt a baby, only married ones can, and no ones gives a f*ck that my boyfriend was raising our child for years and has been called "Dad";
- we cannot get a special/discounted credits in bank for buying an apartment, only traditionally married couples can get "family" credits;
- we'll have a lot of problems with heritage, coz even I put my boyfriend's name in a will as the only one heir, my relatives will be able to sue him and get everything, he will get nothing...

And I can continue!

Maybe you say that it happens in many countries, I agree, but...

A few days ago russian government passed a law about so-called "Anti-gay propaganda".
What is this law talking about?

Quote: "Prohibited are all activities focused on uncontrolled spread in any public way any kind of information that could harm the health, moral and spiritual extention of teenagers, including the forming  a distorted view of social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional marriage."
Penalty is about $170.
In other words, you cannot say to your child that gays/lesbians/bisexuals/transgenders are normal people.

Last week friday one of popular TV hostes offically came out during his live tv-show. On monday he was fired.

On wednesday one school teacher of biology (straight, married, having 2 children) took a part in a rally against this law. Next day he was fired.

Our politicians think that gays are sick, have some brain problems and dangerous for society (probably they were talking about themselves). And they don't give a f*ck that WHO (World Health Organisation) has excluded "homosexualism" out of the list of illnesses many many years ago, and Russia also signed this document.

Can you please tell me how can I live in the country that is full of ignorant idiots?
I really wanna escape this place!

Heaven, help me!

MDNA Tour, St. Petersburg, Russia