August 25, 2015

Ant #323. Another one social experiment.

Watch this video, please...

Homeless Father Vs. Homeless Drug Addict Social Experiment
I'm shocked. I couldn't believe THISCheck this out ➡️
Posted by Bryan Silva on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

So what we could see? Homeless Father Vs. Homeless Drug Addict. And most people gave money to a junkie. Do you think it's unfair, bad decision, lack of morals? I DON'T! And let me explain why... 

In all the modern countries people understood many many time ago that if they just ignore drug addicts, they are gonna start killing. I'm not exaggerating! Even though nobody like them, nobody feels like helping them, people know that junkies cannot live a normal life, they cannot work to pay their drugs, so they start robbing or even killing other people. That's why normal citizens prefer to share some money with marginals to prevent crimes. Obviously no one wants to give away money to those who don't deserve them but there's no other choice.

And what's about a young normal guy that have 2 hands and 2 legs, that is a good looking, that has a beautiful daughter, that sitting on the street during the day instead of doing something? There's no way people help this guy! NO WAY! Society doesn't support laziness. He must work. And ignoring him people are pushing him to put himself together and sort his fucking life out. I find it a good motivation.

August 5, 2015

Ant #322. Standing for Kelly Osbourne.

Once she said this...

she got this...

OMG! Such a drama with what Kelly Osbourne said...

Some people are sooo obsessed with being politically correct that they don't even wanna face the truth.

Does it really surprise anyone that in any country the most of immigrants (I'm not talking about british expats signing a 3 years long contract in a 3rd world country) do the dirties unprestigious less paying jobs? Seriously, does anybody know a common mexican that moved to U.S. and immediately became a top manager?

Kelly said what we all know but have no balls to say!
Besides, she's really pro-immigrants coz instead of claiming them to go away (like all conservatives do) she knows that any modern country needs them.

Open up your eyes! Who's cleaning your street? An immigrant. Who's cleaning your home? An immigrant. Who's sitting with your children? An immigrant.

I don't give a fuck about being politically correct, but I DO give a fuck about saying the truth.
So take the sand out of your vaginas and finally start using your brains.