December 30, 2012

Ant #144. MDNA Tour: ENDless.

I hope it's not too late, coz I came home 3 days ago, but only now I found a few minutes to tell you how was it in South America!

Oh, South America: you've been hot and cold, crazy and relaxed, quick and long, you've been the best and the worst! You've been everything!
I got a huge experience! Last 4 shows gave me as many emotions as my previous 12!

My South American leg of MDNA Tour:

70+ friend requests on facebook,
50+ hours on planes at the skies,
45 minutes with no electricity during the last show,
40 hours of queuing before shows,
30 US dollars spent on calls to my bank asking them to block my stolen credit card,
8 hours of sleeping at the street the night before the show,
7 hours under the rain waiting for the show,
6 hours of dancing at afterparties,
4 cities (3 for shows and 1 for tourism),
2 countries,
2 business-lounges,
1 disappointment,
1 the end of the world,
1 bottle of wine drunk during the waiting for the end of the world,
1 found true bright love!


December 27, 2012

Ant #143. Where is the love?

I've always said that "people don't need to look for Love, Love will find you".


My Love found me, when I wasn't expecting anything.
It has very bright smile and charming eyes.
Its hands are so soft, I wish they could touch me everywhere.
But what's the most important is that its heart is so clean and beautiful, I can see its light even in the deep darkness. And when I'm putting my hands on it, it starts beating a million beats per minute.

But where is my Love? On the other side of planet? No, it's here in my heart!

Ant #142. Buenos Aires - Madrid - Moscow.

09:55 pm (Argentinian time): Told him good-bye, burst in tears.
10:25 pm: Take-off.
01:05 am: I see flashes in the window. Thunder!

04:15 am: Whoops! I've just waken up!
04:45 am: "Tell me what can I do? I'm so in love with you! Youuuuuuu thrill me!"... Confessions Tour is so nice at the skies )))
08:05 am: Sh*t! I slept almost the whole flight!

Spanish skies
03:45 pm (Madrid time): Boarding time. Next stop - Moscow. Whoops! )))
04:10 pm: The plane is full of russians. They are very noising! >_<
04:40 pm: 20-mins-long delay.
06:35 pm: We have just change a board. Dooooooh! It means I won't come home earlier than 3 am.
06:45 pm: Take-off in 3... 2... 1... Hasta luego, España!
01:45 am (Moscow time): I'm dead. F*cking welcome!

December 11, 2012

Ant #141. Moscow - Madrid - Buenos Aires.

04:00 am. I haven't slept at all.
05:00 am. Idiotic taxi driver! Where is he?
06:15 am. Fine, I'm at the airport, went through the passenger control. Coffee!!!
07:55 am. Good-bye, Russia!
10:05 am (EU time). WHOOPS! I'm in Madrid! ))) Hola, España! )
10:50 am. I have to change somewhere, it will be too hot in jeans )))
11:10 am. I feel much better in shorts! ^_^
11:25 am. Boarding time! Hasta luego, Madrid!
11:45 am. F*ck yeah! I'm sitting alone on 2 seats. I gotta lay down and try to sleep a lil bit. (Changed the time from EU to Argentinian).
10:10 am. Lunch time! Pasta smells good )))
12:15 pm. Watching Happy Tree Friends! Bloody hell! ^_^
12:20 pm. 8 hours in the skies ahead! It's shaking all the time!
01:35 pm. I fell asleep and woke up again.
03:40 pm. I have eaten a sandwich, it was nice. Almost 5 hours left.
04:50 pm. Doh! Why am I so nervous! My stomach is getting crazy!
06:25 pm. I've just watched a serbian movie "Lóve". Good story about how your past will always follow you, even if you wanna change. Think twice, don't make mistakes!
06:30 pm. It's good to be small, I can lay down on just 2 seats )))
07:10 pm. We're flying right above Porto Alegre. Is the stage still here? )))
08:05 pm. TURBULENCE!!!

December 9, 2012

Ant #140. Packing List.

Credit cards  
Madonna Tickets   
Booking Confirmations   
Second iPhone   
Hair Spray   
Madonna T-Shirts   
Shorts (for changing in Madrid)   
Extra-batteries for headphones   
Martin Solveig's headband   
Toilet water   
Good mood   
Best expectations   

*   *   *

My flight is less than in 12 hours! So thrilling!!! ^_^

December 7, 2012

Ant #139. Thank you!

In this world, in this life there is only one person who can always make me feel special!

We don't talk very often, last time we saw each other 3 years ago, but anyway we're very close spiritually.
I don't know how to describe it...
He knows how to take my breath away. With every single word...

Gosh, this sounds so gay! Sorry, guys )))
But I had to confess!

I'll see him again in 3 days and this thought makes me wanna fly, like butterflies in my belly...

Thank you, my friend, for being so kind to me!
I'm so grateful I met you! You are the best!

December 6, 2012

Ant #138. Ok, Georgia!

Well well well, guys!
I have to confess! I got crazy! )))))

The flag of Georgia
I'm gonna spend my winter holidays in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
Georgia isn't a north american state, it's a country on the south of Caucasus Mountains.

I can't wait to go to the country of wine and freedom!

I've never been there before and I think that for a lot of people Georgia is kinda exotic place, isn't it?
That's why I'm double-excited! ^_^
I love strange places!

And for a few days my relatives (they are going there as well) and me are planning to go to the mountains for skiing that I also never did )))))
The place calls Gudauri. It's a small luxury city for those who love extreme sports.
I'm sure it will be very funny, I just hope to survive it all! ;-)

*   *   *
So... What are your plans for New Year holidays? Tell me!

December 1, 2012

Ant #137. World AIDS Day.

Today I've been on TV lecture about HIV.
Famous journalist that spent her youth in USA was talking about scary things: how they found first cases of strange previously unknown illness, how many of her gay-friends were dying one by one, how families were turning away from ill members, how people were demanding the right treatment...

Thanx God, people with HIV can live decades with modern medicines, but unfortunately not everywhere. In my country HIV means death. No one is gonna care of you if you have it. People with HIV cannot come out, cannot say about their illness even to their close friends, coz they think (and they are probably right) that people will turn away from them. This is terrible!

I have some friends with HIV, mostly from abroad, and I'm not afraid of sharing bed with them, of drinking a tea from one cup, of hugging them!

We all are human beings! We all are the same!

World AIDS Day