February 27, 2016

Ant #329. US elections.

To much "Trump" drama on my social networks...
Everybody is pissed off but he's still leading the primaries. Isn't it ironic?

Even though I support republicans I'd vote anybody but Trump... BUT... I do understand people who vote for him, and I'll try to explain you why...

Unfortunately (or luckily) there is two-party-system in US which means they only have two options when it comes to elections: they can vote only one or another. Of course the politicians argue even inside the same parties but in the end you'll only have 2 options. It's not like in Europe when there are lots of different parties, and if you always voted for right-wing parties but now you feel like your country is rich and could give something more to the poorest people you don't have to vote for socialists, you can just vote for a center-right-wing party and it will perfectly represent you.

What do we see in US?
Democrats say: Amnesty to all the illegals.
Republicans say: No f*cking way!

You have to choose between black and white. There's no grey.

But what's about people who are basically agree with receiving immigrants but with some reasonable limits? For example, like in Canada (they are open for immigrants from all over the world but you must be graduated, speak languages, have skills and experience). Who represents them? The answer is: nobody!

So what those people do? They open newspapers, read about disaster in Cologne... and vote for Trump because there are no other options: just "all the immigrants" or "none of them".

And this is sad...