August 30, 2013

Ant #199. Simple club or simple art?

I never visited something like this before!
A pretty night club in a small provincial argentinian city!
It calls KIKA! ;-)

August 22, 2013

Ant #198. Awkward moment.


One of my best friends, a wonderful girl, my soulmate is about to get married and I'm really happy for her!

Yesterday we were chatting, I wanted to know all the details of upcoming wedding, coz this news were so unexpected. Nobody knew anything!

She wasn't into talking actually and didn't seem excited. I felt that something was wrong. I know her very well. And suddenly she said that she would better marry me, but I always was denying something serious with her.

I almost died!
I really don't know what to do/say now?! How to treat her?!

August 20, 2013

Ant #197. Supporting russian LGBT-community.

The invitation to joing this demonstration I received yesterday.
At first I wasn't about to come (I had other plans), but the fact that it will be in front of the russian embassy made me change my mind!

I didn't know what to expect. In Russia all pro-LGBT demonstrations are prohibitted (officially not, but actually yes), and people who join them risk to be busted/beaten/killed (depending on how lucky you are).

I came to the place a lil bit earlier to check everything and I saw a couple of my friends there.
I felt better!

Someone told journalists that I was russian, and they all came to me to talk, to ask some questions, to share opinions. I gave the interview to one of local TV channels which wasn't a big pleasure, coz usually I'm not a fan of this kind of attention. But I had no choice, I was the only one russian there.

It was super-fun! There was a cool music, gay-flags and lots of nice people!
Some people asked me my contacts, to talk later.

I stayed there a lil bit more and then left.

I'm no longer in Russia, but it doesn't mean I can forget about that country. I still have there my family and my friends who need to know they are not alone!
Be stronger! Together we can do anything!

August 18, 2013

Ant #196. "I kissed a boy and I liked it".

Last night I dreamt of kissing you...
Such a good, cherry kiss!
But why the hell did it happen?

No more details, sorry!

August 16, 2013

Ant #195. Happy Birthday Madonna!

Not saying to many basic things, I just wanna thank you for making me stronger, for inspiring me, for believing in freedom and human rights and standing for them!

Happy birthday, dear M!

Long live the Queen!

August 15, 2013

Ant #194. Monogamy.

Once my good friend complained...
My monogamy prevents me to live.

Now I totally understand what she meant.
My life could be such a joy if I wasn't in love...

*  *  *

August 14, 2013

Ant #193. Insomnia.

Last days something happens to me...

Every night I turn off the light, lay down on my bed, close my eyes and... it begins!

Thousands of thoughts start running across my brain, like ants, noising and annoying ants. I think about everything... about my current life, my friends, my ex... Sometimes I cry, sometimes I just talk to myself trying to calm me down.

But whatever I do, I cannot fall asleep. It lasts till 5-6 am until I'm powerless.

Next morning I wake up being destroyed, but I drink a coffee and somehow... miraculously... start my day. I live like a normal guy enjoying myself, but then the sun disappear and it all comes back.

And it goes round and round... like a circle.

August 11, 2013

Ant #192. Secret Project.

Democracy doesn't seem to exist anymore.
I know what your thinking.
Freedom of expression sound like your kidding yourself. 
Are you with me? 
Don't you see a pattern here? 
We live in a very scary time.
You better be prepared to die.
Or should i say we don't.
And use to think i had to ex-acute. 
But right now i feel like i had the es-satiable desire, to start a REVOLUTION. 
Fastidious dictators. 
You better be prepared to fight. 
You better be prepared to die. 
You better have strong arms and be prepared to be skinned alive. 
That you include ALL people Black, White, straight, bisexual, Chinese, religious, Jews.
Accept them all and expect them. 
To put a gag in your mouth.
Also bring in, all separation.
All of them searching for a way out. 
Hell has risen and the Burner is on Full Blaze.
I feel that people are becoming more and more afraid,of people who are different. 
People are becoming more and more intolerant!

P.S. Unfortunately, she cannot change the world. But she does a good job. People must stop for a moment and look at themselves, look at what they do.
Let's start the Revolution of Love!

August 8, 2013

Ant #191. Letters.

Hey, dear!

A hug is what I really need now, for sure! If u ever come back here again, you're always welcome at my home.

I never regret for what I've done, I can only regret for what I haven't done.

The problem is that I never lived alone before, always with parents or roommates. And if I ever felt lonely I had somebody to talk to. It's so new to me. I wanted to live alone so badly, and now when I got what I wanted I understand how much I need someone else.

I know what you're gonna say... that I'll get used to it. I agree, but this is the worst of the worst moments to do that. When your heart is broken you need many people around you so their voices could muffle your heart's crying.

You're right, we didn't have too much time to know each other better, but I hope we will in the future. And I do appreciate the fact that you told me your secrets. It means a lot to me, seriously! And I really hope we'll see each other before the next tour.

And thanx for advice about volunteers. I think it's a great idea!


*  *  *
Sometimes I need to take my thoughts out of subconsciousness and write them to somebody.
It helps me to understand what I really feel.

August 7, 2013

Ant #190. CFK.

Many people ask me why do I love CFK so much?

The answer is simple: to me she represents everything I needed in russian president - standing for human rights, freedom of speech and expression, being close to people.

Moreover, I like her as a woman. She definitely has a style: the way she dresses up, her hair, her make-up... Everything is perfect!

She knows how to make fun! I loved her dancing in Cordoba! Check it out HERE!

And of course she got more respect from me when she legalized gay marriages, even if so many people including Pope were against it.

Bravo, CFK! <3

August 5, 2013

Ant #189. To love again.

I've been told that someone likes me.
It's a big honor, but you gotta know something...

You met me in the worst time of my life.
Recently my past relationship has been finished and I'm still suffering.
I wish I could open my heart to new people, but it's broken and it doesn't seem it gets fixed soon.

I'm heartily sorry... I cannot do anything...
But I do my best...

So before we take this road, before you change my mind,
Fill my heart with hope, help me to believe this time.
I've been torn apart, desperately try to find a way back to my heart,
So I can love again...

Ant #188. Pronunciation.

Last saturday all my old friends were celebrating a b-day of our mutual friend.
I recorded one video and sent it to them.
They were so happy to see and hear me, but then some of them told me that my accent has changed and my voice sounds completely different now.

Since I moved to Buenos Aires I almost don't speak russian: I speak 70% spanish and 30% english.