August 18, 2012

Ant #111. How I met Madonna )))

Aug 6, 2012, Moscow.
Hard Candy Fitness opening.

I came to the place at 3 pm. There were tens of fans.

Soon we got "HCF" wristbands and prepared for Madonna, but too early.

Her manager Guy Oseary came to us just about 7 pm. He saw me, got closer and told me that she will come in a few minutes, but first she wanna look around and then she will come out to fans. He asked me to translate and tell other fans this information. He also told people arond me that I'm his representative in the crowd. Thank you, Guy O., I got a few more haters! )))))

Finally Madonna and Guy came out together, he pointed a finger at me, she recognized me, smiled and went directly to me! Not to anybody else, but TO ME!!!

This is the 1st Madonna's autograph in my life! )))