November 6, 2013

Ant #217. Hello from the past.

A few days ago I saw on my Facebook newsfeed that one of my russian friends is travelling across the South America and about to arrive to Buenos Aires.

As you can see, we are not very close friends. I know her thanks to Madonna's fan club and we met each other just a couple times on different parties, but I always considered her as a very smart, intelligent and beautiful girl.

She travels with her italian friend, so we had to speak english all the time for everybody could understand everything. Well, not a big deal! ;-)

We met in La Boca! Those who like tango definitely heard this name! The world capital of tango, the place where it was born and turned into an art!

We spent an amazing day, talked about everything! She didn't know that I moved here, so of course she wanted to know all the details! I also asked her about our mutual friends.

What a flash-back! Like I left Russia just yesterday! ^_^

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