March 13, 2014

Ant #249. Fathers and Sons

Today I've had a very bad conversation with my dad.

We were arguing about situation in Ukraine, all the aspects of a problem. He started telling me historical "facts" that USSR saved the half of Europe from Hitler and they must be grateful. I added that we also occupied them, so I doubt they should be grateful.

He watches russian TV and believes everything they say. He said that Bandera (historical ukrainian person) was pro-Hitler. I disagreed coz he was just anti-Stalin, that's it. I also said that Bandera was in a german prison (1941-1944) and couldn't participate the war, and this is a fact, everyone who read history knows it. He said it's a lie coz he saw on a TV a few videos where Bandera killed russians (whaaaaaat?).
I started laughing, I just couldn't keep arguing using facts against fiction and russian bullshit propaganda.
Then he started telling me the same crap that all russians tell to their kids, that evil America dreams to destroy us and turn us into slaves! (*facepalm*).
I said, "Yeah, that's why we have NATO military base in Ulianovsk (the city near Moscow)!"

He said I'm a traitor of my homeland and dropped the call.


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