March 14, 2015

Ant #309. Rebel Heart Tour.


I know there's nothing new! The tour been announced like a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't have time to express my excitement about it. It's always the best time for me: travelings, meeting friends (old and new ones), seeing new places, queuing and of course watching the best show on Earth!

Nobody puts the show together like Madonna!

For the moment I have tickets for 7 shows:
1) Miami, USA.
2) New York, USA.
3) Cologne, Germany.
4) Prague, Czech Republic.
5) Berlin, Germany.
6) Stockholm, Sweden.
7) Herning, Denmark.

UPD: Two more shows:
8) 2nd show in Cologne, Germany,
9) 2nd show in Berlin, Germany.

UPD [2]: One more...
10) 2nd show in Prague, Czech Republic.

But obviously my own tour itinerary will expand )))))
I'm so damn excited!

For tickets and info click here:

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