March 14, 2013

Ant #158. Cut or uncut?

Today has been a very strange day!
I went to the Dead Sea, swam a few times in very salty water and had lots of fun.
At 4 pm I had to go back home, so I grabbed my things and went to the locker room. I took all my clothes off and moved to the shower. That moment I first saw that a few men were looking at me... Actually at my "little friend". I found a free shower, switched on a water and turned away.
Then I washed myself, put the towel around my hips and came back to the locker room. Once again I got naked before wearing a dry clothes and once again I realized that guys were looking at me.
I had no idea why they were looking at me! Seriously! I thought that I had nothing special "there". I felt like extraterrestrial!
I looked at people around me and... BINGO!!! I was the only one "uncut" in the locker room! I swear, they all were cut!!!
I put my clothes on and left away...

In my country the majority of men is uncut, so I never felt strange/ despised or somehow else. But here it seems like they all are cut.
So guys... I got a question for you!
And what's your opinion)

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