April 10, 2013

Ant #165. The Enraged Printer.

Guess what I'm gonna write about?
No idea???

Ok, I'm gonna make a post about russian parliament! ))))
Yes, the enraged printer, that's how russian people call it! XD

Why? Because it throws up stupid laws, which are so discriminative, horribly written and contradict each other!
Remember when I was talking about anti-gay law? Check it here!

So... New laws? YESSSSS!!!
The new one calls (*don't laugh*) "The law about insulting of feelings of believers"!
I thought that our politicians cannot fall lower, but they broke the record!

The law doesn't say anything about exact feelings of believers. So they can say, for example, that Darwin's Theory of Evolution insults their feelings. Or what if I say that I don't believe in God at all?! These words probably will insult them. And does it mean that orthodoxes, muslims and buddhists are gonna sue each other, coz they believe in different gods and it's obvious that "existence" one of them insults others?

I think I'm gonna try to register the new religion, something like "Madonnism", and sue fans of all other singers!!! ^_^

P.S. I'm conting days till I'll leave this f*cking country!

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