February 3, 2013

Ant #150. LGBT in Russia.

Let's imagine that you are an open gay/lesbian, living in Russia, you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you live together as a family, probably one of you has a child (own, not adopted).

Your DUTIES (kinda fair, I would say):
- you have to pay all the taxes and fees;
- if you're a boy (18-27 years old), you have to serve in army, no one gives a f*ck about your sexual orientation;
- you have to pay rents;
- you have the same rules of traffic regulation;
- you have to pay lots of insurances (medical, social, etc).

In other words you have to do all those things that all the society does.

But what's about RIGHTS?
- no marriages or officially recognized partnerships;
- if any tragedy happens to me and I'll be in coma, my boyfriend won't have a right to ask doctors to switch off my life support system;
- if I die, my boyfriend will need to adopt my child, but he definitely will be rejected, because in Russia single persons cannot adopt a baby, only married ones can, and no ones gives a f*ck that my boyfriend was raising our child for years and has been called "Dad";
- we cannot get a special/discounted credits in bank for buying an apartment, only traditionally married couples can get "family" credits;
- we'll have a lot of problems with heritage, coz even I put my boyfriend's name in a will as the only one heir, my relatives will be able to sue him and get everything, he will get nothing...

And I can continue!

Maybe you say that it happens in many countries, I agree, but...

A few days ago russian government passed a law about so-called "Anti-gay propaganda".
What is this law talking about?

Quote: "Prohibited are all activities focused on uncontrolled spread in any public way any kind of information that could harm the health, moral and spiritual extention of teenagers, including the forming  a distorted view of social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional marriage."
Penalty is about $170.
In other words, you cannot say to your child that gays/lesbians/bisexuals/transgenders are normal people.

Last week friday one of popular TV hostes offically came out during his live tv-show. On monday he was fired.

On wednesday one school teacher of biology (straight, married, having 2 children) took a part in a rally against this law. Next day he was fired.

Our politicians think that gays are sick, have some brain problems and dangerous for society (probably they were talking about themselves). And they don't give a f*ck that WHO (World Health Organisation) has excluded "homosexualism" out of the list of illnesses many many years ago, and Russia also signed this document.

Can you please tell me how can I live in the country that is full of ignorant idiots?
I really wanna escape this place!

Heaven, help me!

MDNA Tour, St. Petersburg, Russia

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