February 22, 2014

Ant #244. World failure.

Yesterday I was walking with my friend across the city and we were talking about many things.
Suddenly he said:
- You know what? I think that the whole world is a big failure. I mean people, humanity. They are building our civilization last 4000 years? And? What have they created? Hateful place where one kills another one. It's a failure!

Of course, I disagreed... I just couldn't agree.
So we started arguing.
And after 2 hours of a burning hot conversation we decided to stop it coz it was pointless.

But when I got home, I started thinking about what I told him, about great things that humanity created.
It created a marriage. But there is a divorce.
It created an art. But there is a nuclear weapon.
It created beautiful cities. But there is a dying nature.
It created a medicine. But there are millions and millions of starving people.
It created a love. But there are cheating, betraying, using.

If it's not a failure, so what is it?

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