February 26, 2014

Ant #245. Educational qualifications for voting.

Educational qualifications for voting.
Do you know what is it?

It's a restriction of the people's right to vote on elections according to their level of education.

At first I heard about this thing in university, and I thought it was really against the terms of democracy.
But nowadays I don't find this idea very bad.
Would you give the right to manage a nuclear weapon to someone who has no idea about it?
Would you give the right to drive a plane to someone who only can drive a bicycle?
Would you give the right to teach people in universities to someone who hasn't finished a primary school?

What I wanna say is that WE CANNOT have the same rights anyway. For using some tools we must first get a qualification.
So why doesn't this rule work for voting?


That's why we have/had Putin (Russia), Lukashenko (Belarus), Yanukovich (Ukraine), Maduro (Venezuela), Gaddafi (Libya), Morsi (Egypt) etc.

So why cannot we take away the right of people to vote until they get a good education, until they read all the programs, until they understand something in economics and politics?

I really think it's a good idea!

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