April 7, 2014

Ant #252. Brazil.

2 weeks!
2 unforgettable weeks I spent there!

Why the hell didn't I go to this amazing country before? >_<

So my trip was: Rio de Janeiro -> Brasilia -> San Paulo.


1) No one speaks english there.
2) Spanish and portuguese are much more similar than I thought, so we could understand each other.
3) The weather is like a woman there, changes all the time.
4) What people say about african men (you know what I mean) is true! XD
5) Public transport is kinda expensive there. Food in restaurants is ok. Starbucks is cheaper than in Moscow, but more expensive than in Buenos Aires.
6) People in clubs remind me russians (no explanations! Who knows what I'm talking about will understand me).
7) The city itself is very nice and definitely worth to see. The landscape blew my mind!


1) No one speaks fucking english! Guys, I swear, it's a touristic hell. 3 different receptionists in my hotel, 5 bus/taxi drivers, 6-10 restaurant/cafe staff, 4 museum staff and many more, and none of them spoke english!!! It's insane!!!
2) If you're a pedestrian, you'll be in trouble. This city is not for you. There's even no way to cross a street. I saw just a very few traffic lights for pedestrians.
3) Weather forecast is a pure bullshit! No match at all! AT ALL!!!
4) The city itself is absolutely unique! Definitely worth to see, at least once!


1) A very few people spoke english, but they tried anyway, and I really appreciate it.
2) Totally underrated city! Seriously, I loved it much more than Rio. )))
3) Strong strong strong cocktails everywhere! My Cosmo was just a pure alcohol.
4) Big cultural life and good night life.
5) Horrible (but not the worst) traffic.
6) Cheaper than Rio and Brasilia.

+ extra:
Probably there I felt home. I don't mean that I'd like to live there, I mean SP really reminds me Moscow... Traffic, people in rush, city structure... It was an amazing experience!

+ extra 2:
Lollapalooza is a really cool festival!
Usually I try no to attend this kind of events, but this time I didn't have a choice and I didn't regret at all! I absolutely enjoyed it!

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