April 27, 2014

Ant #256. Let's talk about relationships.

Yes, again )))
I've found an interesting article and I'd like to share it with my readers.
I still don't know if I agree or disagree, but it has a point definitely.
Here is my translation.

The letter of one skilled woman to young girls.

Relationships that can be long shouldn't be complicated be default. How long a person can fuck his own brain and other's brains? Half a year, one year, in the worst case a couple of years. Then finally he fucks everyone so badly that audience leaves him alone in a concert hall under the heat of the lights.

All these so-called complicated relationships, all these comes-goes, all these talks about high feelings - it's just because you have too much free time.  They are WRONG relationships. Seriously. It seems like you wanna buy Ferrari, but you only have enough money for buying Ford in a basic complectation. And you're gonna annoy everyone around you telling them about how great is Ferrari. You turn your suffering into a fetish and you will never think that the only thing you need is a nice car that can put you from point A to point B.

Relationships must be simple. It doesn't matter which degree your partner has, how many languages he speaks, how many women he had before, it only matters if you feel comfortable with him. If he drives you into depression, if you feel with him as bad as without him, if he fucks your brain instead of fucking your body, it's not gonna work. Go away. And you'll understand a lil bit later if you ever loved him.

Love is indescribable feeling. Sometimes we take passion, habit, respect as love, but it's not. From "complicated" relationships you don't get anything except of a headache. 

Once again, relationships must be simple. Because with this person you're gonna live together, bear children, build a house, make plans, visit relatives, etc. And if you think you can avoid all this crap, you're wrong.

How it happens usually? At first we need a tall muscular beautiful rich sexy romantic son of a bitch, but many many years later we understand - we ALL understand - that we just need a man who will always be near, no matter what. Not sometimes, but always! That's why reliability is a very important quality.

He is to help you in your most difficult times of your life. Responsibility is also very important.

You will want to share with him your happiness and sadness, your dreams and fears. Compassion is so damn important. 

You will learn his as yourself, you will understand each other with no words, but you will still argue sometimes because he is not you, you're not him. Tolerance is a "must-have".

And you will concede each other, step by step removing your single-life habits. Flexibility is very very important.

And you will make important decisions, together and separately, decisions which are quite capable to change your current life. Trust - the most important.

Think about it. When you were 20, what did you want? It all doesn't matter! Who cares if he's beautiful of not, slim or not so, rich or poor. The only thing you need is understanding that you would go through anything with him. And it feels muuuuuch worse when he's not around. 

And in 20 years you'll see at yourself taking care of him just because he sneezed once. And you'll stop thinking about where are you going coz you'll be in a place you need. Love is unpredictable. Ever.

And all these "complicated" relationships... Go to macrame courses or help to orphans. Leave you brain alone. It has so many things to do.

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