August 11, 2014

Ant #275. Make love or make sex?

Typical conversation about my personal life.
Let's make it as Q&A and make things clear.

Q: When did you have sex for the last time?
A: Long time ago.

Q: Why?
A: Because I'm single.

Q: But don't you wanna have sex?
A: I want, I love sex.

Q: So why don't you find somebody?
A: Because I don't want "somebody", I want the one.

Q: But we cannot live without sex.
A: Depends on what you call sex.

Q: Sex is a connection of two (or more) persons.
A: To me, sex is a connection of two (and only two) souls. Otherwise it's a masturbation via other's bodies. Sex must be a continuation of relationship. Like when your partner touches you and you all start shaking. And I prefer to call it "love". I always say that sex only can be wonderful with a person that you're dying to be together even with no sex.

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