August 26, 2014

Ant #277. Homosexuality and religion.

I've been surfing through different pages and have seen a gay man with a poster "I'm gay, I'm christian and I love God."
And it's not the first time I see something like this. How many times I heard gay people saying "God said "Love your neighbor as yourself!"

And I thought... What the actual f*ck?
Why do gay people defend themselves trying to show their connection with God pointing fingers at what he "said", even if they are atheists?

I'm sorry, is it the only possibility for me to excuse my existence? But what if I don't believe in God along with billions people? Am I supposed to just die?

The history shows us so many examples of existence of homosexuality through all the centuries.
Science has proved that there's no even one kind of animals on Earth with no homosexual ones.

But we still MUST take an existence of God by default and excuse our existence.
Why don't I see a single believer with a poster "I believe in God, I'm gay and I love scientists!"???
Because I cannot choose my own morality of life, I must live according to what I'm being told by people who follow try to follow the rules of a book written thousands years ago by someone with a huge imagination. (I fixed "follow" with "try to follow" because they actually don't, they failed a lot.)

I'm fed up with it.
I exist.
Deal with it or f*ck off!

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