October 11, 2014

Ant #281. Weird charity.

Having some mixed feelings after watching the video below of a man walking across the streets and giving away money to random people. But before giving them a cash he asks them if they believe in god or not. They all said YES and got their money. The man also adds that he was sent to them by god.
So I got questions:
1) Why haven't we seen anybody who said NO? Or they all do believe?
2) And what would happen if someone said NO?
3) Is charity only for believers?
4) He got some cash and started to give it away. Why does he cover himself with "sent by god" if it was only up to him?
5) If he has this special connection to god, why isn't he Pope (or whatever)?

Even if I think that we must be very careful with charity (because it depraves people), I think it's a nice tool in a society. But in this case... Well, to me it's weird.

Probably the only think that I like in this video is that the man is giving away money to those people that work!

You can make your own opinion after watching this.

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