June 15, 2015

Ant #318. Nudes.

I swear I could open a gallery with all the pics of dicks they sent to me...

I don't remember since when people started to send nudes to each other?! It wasn't trendy when I was a teenager. I guess it's because we didn't have cameras in our phones.

Just to make things clear! I'm not talking about artistic nude pictures, I'm talking about exact pictures of the dicks.

Honestly I do find it pretty funny to exchange nudes with your partner when you're far away from each other, it's like a game. But I don't really get a point of sending them to strangers, especially if they are in another part of the world. What do you want? Show off? Impress me? Make me jealous? Get me hard? Sorry, this doesn't work on me. Or maybe it's just an exhibitionism? Ok so, but still it doesn't work on me. Besides, there was nothing interesting or jealous worthy.

Listen to this girl, she speaks the truth!

Joking))) I don't even care about your money! :-P

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