December 29, 2011

Ant #12. New Year.

What is New Year's Eve for you?
Do you believe that next year will be better than the previous one?
What are you expecting?

For me it's a magical time. From my childhood it's my favourite holiday. I remember how I was looking for gifts under the christmas tree, how I was waiting for Santa Claus, how I was reading poems to him.

Then I've matured. My habits have been changed. Vodka replaced gifts, friends replaced Santa Claus, clubs replaced poems. But I still thought it's a great time.

And what's now? Now I'm thinking New Year and Christmas are family holidays. But I don't have a family. Of course, I have parents and my lovely sister, but it's not what I mean. Family is the only one person whom you'd like to hug and never let him/her go.

I've lost all hopes... So it seems I'm gonna celebrate New Year with the broken heart and a fake smile.
The day after tomorrow I'll depart out of this f*cking city, out of this mad world, out of my mind.

See you...

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