December 25, 2011

Ant #6. Family.

There is a song in my iPod. It has a strong lyrics... "The only thing you can depend on is your family."
Hmmmm... Why not, actually? But...
What the f*ck does it mean? Should I forget about my own personal life to make my family feel better? Should I listen to them about what to do and what to say?
And what is the family? My parents or my partner (and maybe children)? Or all of them? And why do I have to depend on them?

I'm f*cking smart, brave, independent man. I wanna learn my own lessons. I wanna do what I feel need to do. And I don't need their advices.

It doesn't mean I wanna leave my family, but I don't feel this kind of dependence.

"I can make it alone..."

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