July 12, 2012

Ant #105. Awkward moment.

It was a boring evening... One of those evenings when you're sitting at home and doing nothing...
But the call destroyed my calmness.

- Hey. I'm in your city, in the bar right now with my friend, you know her. Wanna join us?
- Well, if you wanna see me... Yeah, why not... But I'll come there at least in 1 hour. OK?
- Sure. We'll be waiting for you!

We haven't seen each other since december, when we broke up. And now... I couldn't refuse to meet... But it was so hard... Hard to breath, hard to look, hard to say Hello.

We spent 1 or 2 hours together, then came to the metro and went home.
To say Good-Bye was even harder.

Ah, yeah, it was my ex.


  1. So your ex arrives with another woman, and you join them?

    You must have been bored, or at least desperate. :)

    Slight typo: "We haven't seen" is missing "each other".

  2. That could've been a call out for another chance at what you guys once had before. Sometimes you just have 2 read between the lines. Hope you're feeling better.

    Peace!...with 2 fingers;)