July 10, 2012

Ant #104. M-Addiction.

Someone gotta call 911!

I've received my salary and... have bought another 1 ticket on Madonna's show. It will be the 11th one in her MDNA Tour that I'm gonna visit.
Now I'm officially insane!

The problem is I wasn't planning to add any other shows to my schedule, I thought 10 shows are enough. So all my flights were paid and hotels were booked. This extra show destroyed my plans.
I'm going to Vienna and Warsaw at the end of july and on aug 3rd I had to come back home. The added concert will be in Kiev, Ukraine, so I had to manage all the flights and accommodations. I bought the direct flights from Warsaw to Kiev and on aug 5th from Kiev to my home. Unfortunately, the flight from Warsaw to home is not refundable, so I lost some money. (((

In Kiev I'll stay in my friend's home, he also has bought a concert ticket for me (I sent him money).
This is it.

I'm writing this post and listening to Madonna's song...

Hold me like your money 
Tell me that you want me 
Spend your love on me 
Spend your love on me 
Love me like your money 
Spend it till there's nothing 
Spend your love on me 
Spend your love on me

Well, honey! I have already spent everything on you!


  1. I remember the times when Michael Jackson's concert were my most anticipated event in my life until that devastating day knowing he won't be doing anymore forever.

  2. Hi, this is the first time I visited your blog, and I'm yet to go through a single post though I've already spent more than 10 minutes on this page. Reason? I've been going through your 'About Me' again and again! The pain of your expression is so deep, pure and beautiful - that I think I can relate. Best wishes!