July 18, 2012

Ant #107. Parisian drama!

"Madonna definitely wants to kill me!"
That's what I thought at the morning.

I received an email from madonna.com saying that she added one extra show in Paris next week. She will perform at Olympia Hall on jul 26th.
READ BETWEEN LINES! She'll make a very special intimate concert for only 2700 hard-core fans!
And of course the email announced that a pre-sale of tickets starts NOW!

Aaaaaaah! I was about to kill myself!
It was one of the most stressful moments in my life!
I had to manage everything very quickly! Ticket, flights, accommodation. And the most important I had to find money to afford it.
I messaged my friend in Paris, asked him to let me stay in his home for 2 nights, coz hotels in Paris are extremely expensive. He said YES. Then I found good flight offers from my city to Paris and from Paris to Vienna (coz my next show in Austria). When I understood it was possible, I started waiting for a pre-sale (the worst pre-sale EVER). The web-site was crashing all the time, I was refreshing the page, but it was telling me to f*ck off!

During this time I was tweeting... 

OMG! 30 minutes to sales! YES or NOT?
Woooop! I've just received an email from ICON with a passcode! ^_^
olympiahall.com is crashed! ))))
It works, but there aren't tickets!

But thanx God, I've bought it!
Oh, b*tch! What are you doing to me? )))

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