November 9, 2012

Ant #133. MADONNA: the one and the only.

Yes, yes, it's another one post about my fav singer ever.
But this time I'm not gonna tell you about her current tour or her next singles.

Last months I've been reading many exciting articles about her (that's good) and also hateful comments below (that's bad).
They say:
- she's too old,
- she has to retire,
- she's talentless,
- she's nothing,
- she's desperate,
- she's irrelevant,
- she is in the past.

I just smile )))

I understand when people dislike something or somebody. It's their choice, their taste. For example, I don't like Rihanna and Lady Gaga. But even if the first doesn't have #1 album in US and the second sells her album for $0,99, it's silly to say they are "nothing". I admit that they both have a big success, but it doesn't change my opinion about them.
So I would like to hear something real from people, but not their stupid emotions based on a jealousy.

Let me show you some numbers. Not from her previous career, but from 2012.
Just a few facts!

MDNA (Deluxe Version)
1) MDNA album.

With only pre-order MDNA album became #1 in more than 50 countries and the biggest pre-order in iTunes history.
After its release in march it became #1 again in more than 40 countries.
With 12th #1 album in UK Madonna became the most successful solo-artist in the history of this country.

Super Bowl 46 Halftime Show
2) Super Bowl Halftime show.

It was her the only one promo-performance, but it was enough to remind everyone who is the Queen.
Madonna had the largest viewership for a Halftime Show in Super Bowl history and history of american television - 117,8 million viewers, 3 million more than the game itself.

MDNA Tour (Milan, Italy)
3) MDNA Tour.

It's absolutely obvious that MDNA Tour is set to be the most grossing tour of the year and one of the most grossing tours in history. Some numbers:
"Following the tickets sale opening, the tour created immense success at the box office and many venues were sold out. In Tel Aviv, 33,000 tickets for the first show at Ramat Gan Stadium were selling fast in the months previous to the premiere. Madonna's first ever show in Abu Dhabi had fans lined up in front of the Virgin Megastore for tickets of 24 hours before they went on general sale. All initial 22,000 tickets sold out in record-breaking one hour, prompting the promoter to add the second date there, which in turn sold out within a week. In Turkey, 47,000 tickets for the show in Istanbul sold out in four days. In the United States, 60,000 tickets for a show in Yankee Stadium, New York City sold out in 20 minutes, prompting Live Nation to add a second date. Tickets for the show in Kansas City sold out in 12 minutes, while the show in Houston sold out in less than an hour. In Canada, the concert at the Bell Centre sold 16,000 tickets in 20 minutes, along with the show at the Plains of Abraham, selling 65,000 tickets in one hour. In Ottawa, 15,000 tickets for the show in Scotiabank Place sold out in 21 minutes, becoming the fastest-selling concert in the arena's 16-year history, beating out previous record holder AC/DC in 2009. All available tickets for Madonna's first date in Amsterdam sold out in 30 minutes, prompting Live Nation once again to add a second date. In Colombia, 38,000 tickets for her first concert in Medellín sold exclusively during the pre-sale and remaining 2,000 tickets for the public sale sold out in three hours. Madonna's first show in Medellín sold out in a record breaking 15 hours prompting the promoter to add the second date there. 15,000 pre-sale tickets for the second Medellín date sold out. Madonna also sold more than 100,000 tickets in two days for three shows in Brazil."

You still think she's irrelevant?
I think she's more relevant than she's ever been!

But it absolutely doesn't mean you have to love her. I just ask you to stop being ignorant and show (at least) a lil bit respect to the woman who makes a history.

Thanx and have a nice day.

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