November 18, 2012

Ant #135. Multitasking.

Sometimes I wish I had 10 hands and 5 heads.
I try to be multitasking, but it's too hard for me.
I'm not talking about eating and watching TV at the same time, no. I mean situations when you have to resolve many problems quickly and effectively. And my brain simply refuse to function.
Now is exactly this f*cking time. I have to fix my laptop, to find money for upcoming trip, to think about New Year Eve, to do something with my sh*tty job and finally I have to sort out with my personal life. Heaven, help me!!!

I always wonder how people can do so many things all at once. 
I only can do one by one, or I'll f*ck up all of them. I need to be very concentrated on details, this is how I live. But now I don't have enough time. 
I'm not giving up, but the more my deadline is coming closer, the more I wanna say "F*ck it all" and run away. 

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