November 17, 2012

Ant #134. Epic fail.

Every time I think my life it getting better something happens to me.

Last night I spilled a tea (just a few drops) on my laptop, my pure MacBook Pro. I immediately grabbed a napkin and took all the liquid off. My device seemed working and I relaxed. But in 30 minutes the key "S" broke, then "shift". I ran away to bathroom and came back with a hair dryer. I wanted to dry the keyboard, but in a few second I saw that keys were melting! O_o
I almost started to cry! (((

I switched my mac off and fell asleep. At the morning I switched it on, but half of keys weren't working. I called to authorized service center, explain them a problem. They told me to come tomorrow with my laptop, they are going to diagnose it (for $100) and fix it ($300-1000 depending on what really broke). Fuuuuuuuuuuu....

What can I do now? Just pay. Damn it! (((((

Here it is.

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