February 28, 2013

Ant #157. Spring.

Spring is like a dawn!
The sun comes up after long night, after 3 months of cold and darkness.

Spring is like a refreshing breath!
It blows from the ocean and wakes me up. It smells a freedom.

Spring is like a happiness!
It's flawless, it's priceless, it's such a pleasure.

Spring is like a new day!
I feel a strength, I feel a desire to move on, to go ahead, to do something.

Spring is like a rainbow!
It's not black and white, it's colorful.

Spring is like a new life!
I open a new page in a book of my life. It's blank, I have a pen and ink and I'm ready to fill this page with a new story.

Spring is like YOU!
I love YOU!
* * *

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