September 12, 2013

Ant #203. Little Boots.

I totally forgot to describe the concert!

Of course it wasn't the show that we all used to go. There weren't dancers, stage constructions, huge screens etc. But there was an awesome atmosphere! Joy, fun and crazy non-stop dance!

I came to the place a couple of hours before the concert. And I came really in time, coz Victoria came out on the street to welcome fans! So nice of her!
We talked a lil bit and took a picture!

Then she left and soon we got inside the venue. I stood in the 1st row, as usually )))
After a pretty cool warming-up performance Little Boots came on stage!

There was a cool story with me!
Before the show one of fans asked me if I wanted to get a poster. I chose one with the name of my fav song of her... "SHAKE".

When she was singing this song she saw it and... Take a look at 1:00!

It was sooooooo cool! )))

I came home tired as hell! It was one of the most exhausting (in a good way) concerts I've ever attended: I didn't stop dancing from the very beginning till the very end! ^_^

I hope I'll see her again!

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