September 23, 2013

Ant #206. Guardian angels vol.2.

This evening was used to be another one simple evening which I always have.
I left my home and started walking to Recoleta district.

One of of crossroads I stopped waiting for the green light.
In a few meters on the left I saw a couple of tourists (obviously) talking to policeman and showing him a map. "They are looking for some sightseeings", I thought. I was listening to music in my headphones with no attention to anything. I looked at them again, the girl seemed frustrated. "There's a policeman!" I thought, "He can definitely help them!". That moment I saw the green light and stepped on the road. But suddenly I felt that I had to return.

I came to them and asked if they needed help. The girl told me that someone stole her wallet with all her cash and cresit cards. The policeman didn't speak english at all so I started translating. He told us to go to the nearest police departmen.

The couple was from UK. He was born there. She was born in Philippines, grew up in Germany, and now lives in UK.

They explained me how it happened. Typical situation, unfortunately. The thief opened her bag when they were standing on the crossroads.

We came to police department, nobody spoke english, so I was translating again. She called to her bank to block the cards. Then the officer told us to go to another police department, that was kinda frustrating. We moved there, finally wrote an announcement, recieved some papers and went to their hotel which was in front of my home actually.

The girls started crying coz she couldn't control her emotions any longer.
We found a table at lobby bar, ordered some coffee and started talking... talking about everything, our lives, jobs, families, plans for the future.

And in the end she said:
- "Do you believe in guardian angels? When I was a little girl my mom told me that if I ever meet a person who comes itself and help me when I'm in trouble I should know that he's my guardian angel! You are my guardian angel!" And I saw tears on her face.
Gosh....... :'(

Remember I wrote about my guardian angels here?
It's so great to be one for someone else.

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  1. So pleased you helped out mate, because most people would have carried on walking across the road. You happen to be at the right place and the right time and you were her Guardian Angel. We need more people like you around us.