January 8, 2014

Ant #232. Lonely people.

In my life I met many people and I discovered one interesting thing: the best of them are usually lonely!

They are charismatic, openminded, good educated, they have a strong look but with a piece of sadness behind their eyes.

They are looking for "their" people: for talking, for travelling, for loving or making a family.

And when they do a wrong choice they suffer harder, they close inside and stop contacting other people. But every time they burn down, they resurge... from the ash... being much stronger, much better... and start everything from the beginning.

They refuse all the stereotypes, social diseases, nobody can push them to do or to think anything.

They are looking for someone who can make them feel calm. And by the "calm" they don't mean a life without controversies, arguments, adrenaline or crazy emotions. They mean a life with a person who they can trust as themselves, with no fears, with no limits.

Even the strongest person needs to feel beloved.

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