January 29, 2014

Ant #240. Russian anti-gay law in action.

Madonna and her son David at Grammy's
A few days ago I wrote a post about Madonna's appearance at the Grammy's, where she sang for 33 couples (straight and gay) getting married on our eyes!

So try to imagine how excited I was when I knew that one of russian TV channels was about to show the ceremony on the following day!

And now try to imagine how disappointed I was when I've been told that these TV assholes cut her performance out! They didn't even mention that she was performing!
Nothing! Silence! Like she never appeared there!

I put my hands down...
I lost the last hope that Russia can change. What happened actually to this country?
I remember myself as a teenager, and I remember how everyday I watched MTV and there were lots of shows and TV series with gays, and no one cared!
Now, after 10 years, when the whole world legalizes gay marriages, Russia is coming back to the Stone Age.

I'm sad and devastated...
Madonna has been fighting for the Human Rights through her entire career.
On 2012 during her show in St. Petersburg she openly supported gay community in Russia and spoke out against the anti-gay law, criticized russian government and personally russian president Vladimir Putin.
The reaction was absolutely inappropriate and disproportionate. A few activists via the deputy Vitaly Milonow (the author of the anti-gay law) tried to sue Madonna for more than $10,000,000.
I wish that all russian people could see this performance of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert and Madonna, coz if it doesn't touch them, they can throw out their stone hearts.
Let us all enjoy it once again!
Love each other!

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