January 28, 2014

Ant #239. Madonna at the Grammy's.

What a night was that!
I couldn't fall asleep till the morning, that's how excited I was!

At first someone leaked a few pictures from rehearsals where she wore a horrible dress and all the fans started screaming like pussies!
Well, it really was one of the most disgusting dresses I've ever seen in my life. I got nervous!

Actually we all were nervous, coz we had no clue about this performance.
She doesn't have anything to promote: no albums, no singles, no tour, nothing!
But then we found out a few details!

It was gonna be an appearance (not the full show) during the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's performance featuring Mary Lambert.

So I bought a pizza and started watching!
Whoops! Here she comes! Dresses in a black suit, looking a pastor!
Hot and chic!
She appeared with her adopted son David, made a comment about her damn grillz (she said she wore them to piss the people off!) and fuck off.

So I started watching this crap from the red carpet and backstage, and I prayed she will perform soon, but unfortunately she did almost in the end.

And when I almost gave up to see her, Queen Latifah appeared on the stage and said that "this love song is not for some of us, but for all of us"...

I put a piece of pizza back to the box and started watching... 1st minute, 2nd minute, 3rd minute... The song is almost over and she's not coming. Suddenly the doors are opening and... Queen Latifah is appearing again! Duh! This moment all the cameras started showing lots of couples (straight, gay and lesbian) all over the hall standing next to each other, holding hands, smiling and being dressed like they are at their weddings. Queen Latifah, being authorized by the government, asked them to exchange their rings and declared that from now on they are MARRIED COUPLES!

And this moment appears MADONNA! Dressed as pastor again, but in a white suit! She started singing her old hit "Open Your Heart" along with the church choir and Mary Lamber while the couples were kissing, dancing and celebrating one of the greatest day in their lives, the day when two became one!

I couldn't control my feelings and burst in tears! "Shame on me", at first I thought, but then I saw Mary Lambert crying, a few couples crying, lots of guests (celebrities) crying... It was so touching!

Seriously, guys!
Watching happy people, just people without labels, is something that is worth to live for!

And I'm so proud to be a Madonna fan, because:
1) She stands for the human rights! And the fact that she comes to sing with new artists without commercial interest is proving it!
2) She makes me believe in humanity!
3) She's the greatest performer! She came to the ceremony to wed people (incl. gay couple) and for this she turned from the black into the white pastor! Isn't it smart? It is!
4) She's the highest level troll! Yes! I'm pretty sure she wore that stupid dress on rehearsals just to piss her fans off, like she wears grillz to do so)))

So now, boys and girls!
Enjoy the performance! ;-)

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