June 10, 2014

Ant #266. Challenge accepted.

Yesterday I talked to a friend (female) who is deeply in love with one guy.

She was like "Oh, gosh, sometimes it's so hard to open your heart to someone, it burns inside, but when I'm in front of him I barely can say a word!"
I said "Oh, come on! Where are your balls? Tell him everything you feel and let's see!"

- Are you f*cking insane? I'll die immediately!
- Don't be a pussy! It's not that hard. Everyone does it and no one died yet. )))
- Do you love someone?
- Mmmm... Maybe! Why are you asking me?
- Let's make a deal! I open up to him, and you open up to someone you love?!
- DEAL! >_<

I have 2 more days to do that! Hahahaaaa)))

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