June 19, 2014

Ant #267. Still small voice.

I have just read on newsfeed that today in Russian Parliament one deputy performed asking other deputies to cancel so-called "anti-gay" law.
It was a 10-minutes long speech about current situation with Human Rights in Russia.
I'm translating a few parts of it.

This law is just too much. It's not protecting, it's discriminating.  
Shortly, every word about existing of homosexuals with no negative context now claims as gay-propaganda.
If we don't understand that people can be different, can eat different food, can build their own families, we will always be a part of the most horrible war - war in our homes. Is it a life that we want for our children?
This intolerant atmosphere raised the number of suicides, especially between teenagers who discovered their homosexuality... The law doesn't let them speak about their feelings - you call it "propaganda". But the law still do let the persecutors bully those kids, insult them, turn their lives into the hell. 
All the talks about sexual orientation of another person in modern world are unacceptable. It's not the most important thing in a human being.
Do I understand that you will deny my suggestion [about canceling the anti-gay law]? Yes, I do. Do I think that in this case my performance was pointless? No, I don't... Thank you for attention.

The full speech you can listen to here (if you understand russian).

I also don't think that this speech was pointless, even though she was supported only by 12 deputies (out of 450), but I believe it's just the beginning. The more people wake up from this nightmare life, the more tolerant we become. It's really important for all the gay-community in Russia to know that they are not alone!

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