September 20, 2014

Ant #279. To talk or not to talk.

I'd like to ask you all...

We all definitely have that kind of people on our social networks newsfeed who always post horrible pictures of killed animals, of wars, of political issues etc.

I think it's totally ok that people speak their minds, but my question is: Does it really can change something? Let's just stop for a second and ask ourselves. If we flood all days about civil war in Syria, is it gonna stop? If we tweet about homofobia 24/7, is it gonna disappear? If we write about Putin's aggression on Ukraine, will he retire?

We all know that the answer is NO.

If you wanna change the world, stop talking and start doing something.

Find a Red Cross office and volunteer. Buy some food and toys and bring them to any orphanage. Organize a campaign of helping homeless animals.

Maybe it doesn't change the whole world, but it definitely changes the life around you.

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